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World’s Largest Ferris Wheel!

October 11th 2010

Jerusalem to Erect the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel! What better way to view some of the holiest, most important sites in the world than from the top of what will be the largest Ferris wheel in the world? That’s right – this summer the Jerusalem City Council approved the construction of a new Ferris wheel […]

National Maritime Museum

October 10th 2010

If the lure of the sea has any kind of hold on you at all, you’ll want to make a special stop at the National Maritime Museum in Haifa, located on the northern end of Mount Carmel. Five thousand years of the maritime history of the Mediterranean basin, the Red Sea and the Nile are […]

The World’s Second Longest Zip Line!

September 30th 2010

Zip Down the World’s Second Longest Zip Line! When visiting Israel, it’s important to catch all the important historic and religious sites – but make sure you save some time for adventuring as well. Israel offers some of the best hiking and camping options in the world, as well as some of the best rock […]

4 MORE Fun Things To Do During Sukkot

September 25th 2010

Shavua Tov! We hope you’re having a joyous holiday so far, and hope that the following fun things further enhance your Sukkot vacation. 1. Sukkot Extravaganza at Mitspe Hamasuot – This event is designed to appeal to the whole family. Located at Beit Orot on the Mount of Olives Ridge, this Sukkot Extravaganza offers walking […]

4 Fun Things To Do During Sukkot

September 20th 2010

4 Fun Things To Do During Sukkot- in truth there are hundreds of fabulous events country-wide! Visit the City Sukkah – This free event is open all week long, with each night offering live music and art displays in the Jerusalem’s largest sukkah. The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, will be in the municipal sukkah […]

Night Spectacular in Jerusalem

September 18th 2010

Here is an opportunity for you to combine your passion for Jewish history and archaeology with music, art, and lights, all at the Tower of David Night Spectacular.Located in the Tower of David’s courtyard, you’ll experience a breathtaking sound and light show – complete with pulsing music, the story of Jerusalem, and some really cool […]

The Best Places to Buy Your Lulav and Etrog in Jerusalem

September 18th 2010

Shavua tov – we hope you had a good Yom Kippur fast and that your new year is off to a splendid start! Sukkot is right around the corner, which means you better act quick if you want to score the nicest lulav and etrog on the block! There are a number of places to […]

Hatzalah’s Gala Evening

September 14th 2010

Check the advertisement we’re placing in magazine printed for Hatzalah’s Annual Gala, it’s awesome!

Shana Tova – Happy New Year

September 14th 2010

Shalom Israel Tours is officially in business!

It’s been a long time coming (it’s year 5771 after all), but our website is ready to launch and we are providing amazing tour services in Israel.

Tel Facher Syrian Base

September 13th 2010

Prior to the Six Day War of 1967, Tel Facher was the strongest and most important Syrian base in the northern Golan Heights. For several decades, Syrian guns on Tel Faher dominated and terrorized the entire region. During the Six Day War, however, Israeli troops fought one of the fiercest battles in Israel’s military history, […]