5 Luxury Hotels with Beautiful Views

April 23rd 2018

For such a small country, Israel has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. Some of the best places to view these scenes are from the comfort and sumptuousness of your luxury hotel.

From the gorgeous beaches and shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the rolling ancient hills of Jerusalem and the desert vistas of the Negev, there is the perfect hotel view for everyone.

Here are just a few examples of beautiful hotel views overlooking five very different types of landscapes within Israel:

Royal Beach Tel Aviv –  Overlooking the Mediterranean

The Royal Beach Tel Aviv is just a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful sandy beaches of Tel Aviv. Its location means many of the 230 spacious and luxurious rooms (and suites) have a glorious view across the Eastern Mediterranean and city skyline.

Nearby are some well-known and popular attractions including the Neve Tzedek neighborhood (famed for its avant-garde design stores, fashion boutiques and handicraft shops), the Tel-Aviv Port, and the bustling Carmel market.

King David Hotel – Overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City

The King David Hotel is probably the most well-known hotel in Israel. It has a fascinating history dating back to before the birth of the modern state of Israel. The beautiful hotel, built with locally quarried pink limestone, is situated in the heart of Jerusalem and boasts wonderful views of the Old City.

The internationally renowned hotel is where heads of state and other dignitaries stay when visiting Jerusalem. The opulent and exquisite interiors provide guests with a high-class ambiance and a level of comfort few other hotels can match.

Beresheet Hotel – Overlooking the Ramon Crater

The Beresheet Hotel sits right next to the famous Ramon Crater in Israel’s Negev desert, approximately 85 km south of Beersheba. Despite its appearance, this amazing natural phenomenon is not a meteor impact crater or from a volcano but is instead a ‘makhtesh’ – a geological landform created by erosion.

The hotel itself provides breathtaking views across the Ramon Crater and the desert landscapes of the Negev. Being 800m above sea level, the hotel enjoys a relatively cool and comfortable temperature, even during the height of a baking hot Israeli summer.

Ramot Resort – Overlooking the Sea of Galilee

The Ramot Resort sits at the foot of the Golan and overlooks a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee. The resort features over 100 deluxe rooms, chalets, and nature cabins, and is the perfect place to enjoy the exquisite natural scenery of the rolling Golan hills and shimmering Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

The resort is nestled high in the hills, just off of a highway, and is surrounded by open lawns and landscaped gardens. You can go for a swim in the swimming pool, enjoy a luxurious spa treatment, and go on adventure trail walks in the surrounding hills and valleys. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking.

Cramim Forest Spa Hotel – Overlooking the Judean Hills

The Cramim Forest Spa Hotel is located on a hill just outside Jerusalem, approximately a 15-minute drive away. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful vineyards, boutique wineries, hiking trails, and fountains, all of which, together with the historically important and resplendent Judean Hills, can be seen from the luxurious accommodation.

The hotel features 156 luxurious suites and rooms which include balconies or terraces that overlook the hills. There are also swimming pools, spas, gyms, and a chance to taste the delicious wines and foods made in the local area.