Visiting Rosh Hanikra: Nature’s Showing Off

February 5th 2018

What happens when you reach the border of Lebanon and Israel? (Spoiler, it’s not what you think!) In fact, you can observe one of the most majestic and marvelous natural wonders that Israel has to offer. If you love the sight of Mother Nature really putting on a show, then check out Rosh Hanikra, and here’s why.

Maximizing Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra is a cliffside mystery that opens up to a stunning array of grottos. When you first reach your destination, you’ll be taken aback by the striking turquoise blue water of the Mediterranean sea. The chalky, white cliffside is a marvelous contrast to this gorgeous color. You’ll take a cable car down to the cave’s opening. The descent is the steepest cable car ride in the world, an experience that most people find exciting in and of itself!

Once inside, you can see a catacomb of tunnels and grottos that shoot out in all directions and twist around bends within the cave. Walk through the caves to see the spectacular geological formations, and wonder at the amazing patterns that have formed naturally over time. The entire cave measures approximately 200 meters in length, but the twists and turns keep you active for a lot longer than you’d imagine in such a small area.

Other Attractions

In addition to the beautiful hikes within the caves and the cable car ride, visitors can enjoy a delightful sound and light show, bike riding, mini-train ride, or electric car ride along the promenade.

The Best Time to Visit Rosh Hanikra

The tunnels are open all year round, but certain areas are roped off when the water level gets too high, or the waves get too choppy. So, when is the best time to visit Rosh Hanikra? If you are looking for something truly unforgettable, head to this location in the cooler months. The wind is biting, but the caves offer a quiet respite from the cold. The skies above the water are a mystical grayish blue hue, and the waves are active, splashing against the rocks and spraying you with frothy, white mist. The whole experience is invigorating, and something you’ll remember forever!