Touring the Jordan River Like a Pro

February 2nd 2018

The Jordan River is a sprawling waterway that rambles all through the Sea of the Galilee, down towards the Dead Sea, and divides parts of Israel cleanly. This river is mentioned many times throughout the Bible, and, like many locations in Israel, holds appeal to both Jews and Christians alike.

Biblical References

The Jordan River is the location where the Israelites passed over from the desert into the Holy Land, an understandably monumental time in Jewish history. Equally substantial, the Jordan River is also where John the Baptist performed the momentous baptism for Jesus. In less clear terms, the Jordan River is referred to in the Bible on numerous occasions as being the demarcation between the nine and a half tribes and the remaining two and a half tribes, the river that Jacob crossed over when battling the angel, and Jesus crossed the Jordan several times throughout the New Testament.

Visiting the Jordan River

So, what can you do along the Jordan River? Here are a few top tourist stops you can enjoy:

The Hula Valley

Not only is this a beautiful lookout point where you can observe both the pristine Sea of the Galilee and the lovely greenery that spans for miles, but in the right season, the Hula Valley is a hotspot for birdwatchers who flock to the area to watch the impressive migration of thousands of birds of varying species. It’s a wonder to behold.


Since this is the location of the actual baptism of Jesus himself, it is only fitting that several commemorative sites in the area be dedicated specifically to this holy act. Thousands of pilgrims come to the river to be baptized in the same location as their Savior. Yardenit is one of the most prominent of these establishments (though this is not directly in the area), and be sure to check out the Wall of New Life, its newest exhibit.


Of course, like most rivers, the Jordan River offers an excellent opportunity for boating. While relaxing on the river, tourists can take in the sights and sounds that create this beautiful, picturesque countryside of Israel. There are also more extreme water sports you can participate in along the Jordan River including rafting and tubing.

If you prefer to stay dry, opt for cycling, horseback riding, or hiking alongside the lovely Jordan River. And, don’t forget to visit the ancient city of Jericho while you’re there!