The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv

May 28th 2018

If you want to know more about the natural history of Israel and the surrounding Mediterranean region, then the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History should definitely be on your list of places to visit.The museum, based in Tel Aviv, opened in 2018 and is the only one of its kind in Israel. It is both a museum and an active research center, with scientists actually on-site working to further advance scientific awareness of the world around us.

The ethos behind the museum’s opening was to “inspire acquisition of knowledge, to promote understanding, and to reinforce our bonds with nature and our place within it – for the benefit of future generations”.

Israel’s Natural History Museum

The museum is located in the northern part of Tel Aviv, on Klausner Street, just next to Tel Aviv University. It’s housed in a building which is very hard to miss, having been designed to resemble a wooden treasure chest. However, it can also be seen as a representation of Noah’s Ark, where the precious discoveries from the region are painstakingly preserved.

With 5 levels (connected by ramps) and numerous display areas, the huge museum houses over 5.5 million items that were once only seen by specialists working at the university nearby. As well as the exhibition spaces there’s also an auditorium, restaurant, shop, a botanical garden (located behind the museum), and a number of laboratories.

The collections contained within the Steinhardt are not merely museum pieces but are actively used in research studies and educational programs by graduate students and professionals across Israel and the world.

The Steinhardt Museum Exhibits

There are nine themed exhibitions in total, which cover every possible angle concerning Israel’s national treasures of nature. They explore the past, present, and potential future of flora and fauna throughout the region.

Each exhibit features multimedia content such as videos, games, touch screens and interactive touch tables. There are also model replicas which allow for a more tactile experience, especially for the sight impaired.

Video screening rooms provide visitors with further insight into the natural wonders found in Israel. This includes the scientific research taking place on the premises as well as how humans interact with nature in modern times.

Visiting the Steinhardt Museum

There’s a fee to enter the museum and tickets can be purchased online or at the front desk on the day of your visit. The museum is fully accessible for the disabled (including wheelchair access and hearing impaired assistive devices) and is also family friendly, with children from age 5 and up actively welcomed.

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History has something for everyone.

You’ll get to see fascinating documentation of fauna and flora in Israel, the eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East from the past 1,000 years. You can also explore just how scientists are managing and conserving ecosystems and natural resources, and so much more.

Whether you have a personal fascination with biology and the natural world, or you want to introduce your children to the wonders of nature, then this museum will be a great place for you and your family to visit.