Top Day Trips in Israel: Adulam France Park

February 7th 2018

What do you get when combining hiking trails, archeology, and a whole bunch of tourist facilities? Well, if you’re in Israel, then you might be heading straight for Adulam France Park. One of the largest parks in the country, Adulam France Park takes up a whopping 50,000 dunam of land and holds loads of attractions for the outdoor-loving tourist. If you’re in the mood for some great park experiences, head towards Beit Shemesh, and check out what Adulam France Park has to offer.

Adulam France Park Nature Trails

The most prominent feature of the park is the unadulterated natural beauty that spreads for miles and miles across the horizon. There’s natural desert plant life peppered across the rolling hills that are uniquely colored, thanks to limestone deposits all over the terrain. Plant aficionados will appreciate the array of flora in the park including pine, oak, and mastic trees, carob and Mediterranean shrubs, and seasonal flowers like the ever-popular almond blossom Israel is famous for.

Both hiking and biking trails cover the area so that you can enjoy a pleasant day of active touring, and then stop for lunch at one of the many picnic areas designated for just such purposes.

Park Archeology

Adulam France Park has four archeological digs it is known for including the Midras, Itri, and Burgin Ruins, and Adulam, but there are actually several smaller sites that have unearthed ancient relics in the area, as well. Tourists can marvel at some of the fascinating finds such as burial sites, underground catacombs that were used in the times of the Bar Kochba rebellions, and a columbarium. The underground network is quite impressive, revealing no less than 56 caves, cisterns, and underground passages used during those times. Other locations revealed remnants of city life, including ancient synagogues, wine presses, and ritual baths dating back to the Second Temple Period.

Additionally, the Adulam France Park has a visitor’s center, caves, and a small museum where tourists can come and view the preserved, more fragile artifacts from some of the digs. Adulam France Park offers something for everyone, so don’t skip out on this exciting day trip your whole family will love.