Israel’s Ultimate Summer Guide Part II: The Great Outdoors

July 19th 2017

Israel has many appealing qualities, but few compare to the indescribable natural beauty of the land. From rivers and waterfalls to mountain terrains, beaches, and valleys; explore the breathtaking Great Outdoors of the Holy Land. Guaranteed to leave you speechless.


Around every bend, there are ever-more exciting hikes. Some of the best ones are tucked away, and part of the thrill is finding your own (safe) paths to explore. If you want more charted terrain though, here are some of the most popular hikes around Israel:

– Har Arbel
– Wadi Kelt
– Nahal Zohar
– Nahal Yehudia
– Nahal Og
– Nahal Katlev
– Nahal Dragot
– Nahal David
– Nahal Amud
– Burma Road
– The Black Canyon
– Mount Tzefachot
– Lifta Valley
– Bet Shemen Forest
– Masada
– Red Canyon


Waterfalls are magical no matter where you are, and Israeli waterfalls certainly live up to these expectations. Seek out some of these more exotic destinations this trip:

– Banias
– Jilabun
– Tahana
– Parod
– Tanur
– Ein Gedi
– Ashad
– Gamla
– Nahal Elal
– Saar
– Orvim
– Hidden Waterfall or Waterfall of Wonder

Parks & Picnic Areas

There are literally hundreds of parks packed into this tiny country, and you can find tens of them in any city you are visiting with a quick glance around. It’s not necessary to list them all here, but here are a few of the more popular parks tourists love to visit:

– Wohl Rose Gardens
– Botanical Gardens
– Gan Sacher
– National Parks: Ein Gedi, Caesarea, Masada, Hula Valley, Mt. Carmel, Beit Shean (and more!)
– Gan HaShlosha
– Park HaYarkon
– Birya Forest
– Eilat Bird Watching Park
– Park Raanana
– Park HaUman
– Sapir Park
– Herzilia Park

Archeological Sites

An ancient land, Israel has plenty of archaeological discoveries to unearth as well. The best cities to visit for these fascinating artifacts are Jerusalem, Caesarea, Akko, Jaffa, and Masada. Here are a bunch you can visit while you’re here:

– Akko Maritime Capital of the Crusader Kingdom
– Beit Alpha synagogue
– Masada
– Megiddo
– Timna
– Belvoir Fortress
– Western Wall Excavations
– Tel Gezer
– Shivta
– Qumran
– Herodium
– Kastel
– Bet Shearim
– Bet Guvrin


Let’s not forget the breathtaking beaches scattered along the coast of Israel. Visit some of the top beaches for a day of fun in the sun:

– Netanya
– Rishon L’tzion
– Bat Yam
– Tel Aviv
– Eilat
– Dead Sea
– Herzliya

There are also some amazing flora and fauna for the nature lovers of the world. Check out some exotic animals, or head for some stunning flower spotting that’s only found in Israel.

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