The Gatsby Bar

January 31st 2018

Just like there are restaurants, and then there are RESTAURANTS, there are bars, and then there are BARS. While you can easily find a pub or watering hole if you venture to the center of Jerusalem, you aren’t likely to find another one like the Gatsby Bar anytime soon. The ambiance, the drinks, and the service are guaranteed to give you a night to remember.


Just finding the Gatsby Bar is an adventure. In fact, if you didn’t know to look there, you would probably be searching for your entire trip and never catch a glimpse of the place. That’s because it is discreetly tucked away at the end of a turn off where nobody would ever find it. Instead, put the Aroma Cafe into Waze, and you’ll be led to this chain coffee shop. Walk down the steps and towards what appears to be a dead end with an unmarked door. Step through the door, and enter a world of wonder!

Address: Hillel St. 18


While the drinks and service are top notch at the Gatsby, the ambiance is really the best part of the story. You walk in the door (remember, you have to really try to find this place!) and into a (very) small chamber with nothing but a reception desk along one wall and a bookcase filled with old books along the other. Then, the bookcase slides away to reveal the hidden treasure of the Gatsby.

The bar is decorated in prohibition era style, with light fixtures, wall decorations, music, and dimmed lighting to fit the scene.


The drinks are fruity, sweety, tangy, spicy, or any other flavor you might enjoy. All served in eclectic and fun dishes from randoms to just bizarre; each beverage is a real treat!


The service is as fast as it is friendly. Oh, and if you aren’t sure about kashrut in alcoholic beverages, tell the seemingly-inconspicuous bartender that you are orthodox. He’ll quickly pull out a list of drinks that you can and can’t have based on your kosher preferences with a level of rabbinic expertise that just might put your religious upbringing to shame!

Looking for something really different to do with your nights in Jerusalem? Then, head straight for the Gatsby Bar. It’s guaranteed to give you an experience to talk about with the friends back home.