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Banias Falls Nature Reserve

January 1st 2015

A tour of Israel’s picturesque Golan Heights would be incomplete without a stop to admire the thundering waters of the Banias Waterfall. The most impressive waterfall in Israel is located within the Banias Nature Reserve in the Upper Golan, between the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon. The waterfall here is, by far, the most popular […]

Golan Heights Jeeping

December 20th 2014

A jeep ride is an ideal way to really get up close and personal with the luscious green hills of the Golan Heights while touring the north of Israel. There are a number of licensed jeep tours offering different vehicles and different trails. What they have in common is great adventure and an opportunity to […]

Jordan River Kayaking

May 17th 2011

Do you remember that high moment in Jewish History when the Jews crossed that river with Joshua as their leader, finally stepping foot into the Holy Land? A momentous event, to be sure, complete with Red Sea-style sea- splitting fun. That river was called the Jordan River. Fastfoward in time thousands of years and…….. Does […]

Paintball in Israel

May 5th 2011

Paintball. Throughout your travels in the land of Israel, there are numerous sites ready to host your Israeli group tour on a colorful, competitive outing. If you are traveling with younger ones, this is one experience they will never pass up. For kids 6-12, you can host birthday parties, set up by  the organization Paintball Israel […]

Camel Land Israel

April 7th 2011

Camels are an Israeli tourist’s best friend. Unless the person wants to get somewhere really quickly, in which case, an Israeli cab driver with a heavy foot is his best friend. But otherwise, when trying to get back in touch with our forefathers who roamed the Middle East on the slow saddles of these funny […]

Rockefeller Jerusalem – Ice Skating

March 24th 2011

Grab your ice skates, roll onto the ice, and show us your moves in a beautiful ice arena in the middle of the city. No, you’re not at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Rather, you’re vacationing in Israel in the middle of the spring/summer. That’s right. Touring in Israel, ice skating in Jerusalem , […]

IDF Tactical (Tourist) Training

March 17th 2011

All Israelis at 18 are expected to enroll in the army, including women (the Israeli army is the only army in the world with mandatory army service for women). And their mission is a special one- to protect and guard the Jewish People and their homeland so that it will continue to remain a strong, Jewish […]

Israel Sports Radio

March 9th 2011

Why should a dedicated sports fan forget all about their precious New York Knicks once they cross the ocean and leave the Big Apple behind them? Who will join or relate to them at 1:30 in the morning in Tel Aviv, when they are gearing up alone (with Israeli Bamba and Chocorificis of course) to […]

Hot Air Balloon Tour of Israel!

February 17th 2011

You’ve come to this distant land to tour Israel, observe Israeli culture and scenery, and gain inspiration and a new perspective on the world.   What better way to look at Israel than through a literally different perspective, 500 meters up in the air? “Rize”, in the North of Israel, is ready to take you on the hot […]

Jerusalem Go Karting!

January 25th 2011

Are you hands itching to get behind the wheel, racing around the Jerusalem hills with wind blowing through your hair? Are you hesitating because you’ve watched how Israelis drive? There’s a way to satisfy that need for speed without sacrificing your wellbeing or scaring the living day lights out of you- Go Kart Racing! Yes, […]

Running the streets of Jerusalem…

December 29th 2010

In my childhood home was an iconic picture of my father crossing the finish line at the New York City Marathon. New York has it, Spain’s got it, and Jerusalem’s now on the map. Israel is about to join the ranks of major cities around the world in hosting their first international full length marathon, […]


December 2nd 2010

Sportech is located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The combination of a perfect piece of land and a great location make an excellent mixture of entertainment and fun for both children and adults. Sportech was established over twenty years ago, bringing fun outdoor activities to Tel Aviv. There is much to do, including a […]

Israel Football League

November 8th 2010

For an exciting evening with your family or group, attend an American full-contact football game in Israel! To tourists coming from the US this might sound a little hokey, but I assume you it is high quality athletics and highly entertaining! It has now been four years since the dream of tackle football in Israel […]

Surf’s Up in Israel!

October 18th 2010

Surf’s Up! Top 10 Places to Go Surfing in Israel Since summer just doesn’t want to seem to end this year, I suppose it’s not too late to post summer-themed info. After all, with weather still reaching high into the 90s, why not pick up that surfboard and head to the beach? Israel’s beaches are […]

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel!

October 11th 2010

Jerusalem to Erect the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel! What better way to view some of the holiest, most important sites in the world than from the top of what will be the largest Ferris wheel in the world? That’s right – this summer the Jerusalem City Council approved the construction of a new Ferris wheel […]

Snuba Diving Trips

September 13th 2010

Snuba is a guided underwater adventure geared mainly toward beginners who have no scuba experience. Visitors to the Snuba Diving Club can either go snuba diving or snorkeling; you can rent or buy snorkel equipment. Snuba is similar to scuba except that the air tank remains at the surface of the water in a boat, […]

Jordan River Rafting

September 13th 2010

Jordan River Rafting is a tourist complex where anyone can take part in water sports and tourism. All events take place along the 12 miles of the Jordan River with turbulent water and falls. The rafting complex is located near the Golan Heights, right by Kibbutz Gadot. Jordan River Rafting offers an assortment of recreational […]

Manara Cliff Cable Car & Mountain Slide

September 13th 2010

Since its opening in 1998, Manara Cliffs has hosted more than one million visitors from all around Israel and all around the world. Located in the Galilee, between Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shemona, Manara Cliffs is a fun vacation destination for the whole family, thanks to alpine sliding, a cable car cruise, a clinbing wall, […]