Israel Sports Radio

March 9th 2011

Why should a dedicated sports fan forget all about their precious New York Knicks once they cross the ocean and leave the Big Apple behind them? Who will join or relate to them at 1:30 in the morning in Tel Aviv, when they are gearing up alone (with Israeli Bamba and Chocorificis of course) to watch the World Series ( occurring at some much more convenient time 7 hours away)?

If nothing else, Jews are a loyal breed, and Andy Gershman and Ari Louis have labored over a dream concept, bringing it to fruition in the last two years, so that Jews can remain loyal no matter what time of day/night it is. No matter how many years they have lived in Israel, or how many falafels they have eaten while touring its precious alleyways.

The answer to every American sports fans international prayers: Israel Sport’s Radio.  4 pm to midnight, five times a week.

It’s a way for tourists in Israel to keep up to date and tuned in.  Because even if you are climbing Masada or staring off into unbelievable scenery as you jeep in the Golan Heights, let’s face it- not even breathtaking sights and days can keep dedicated fans from thinking about their beloved sports teams.  It’s also way for American immigrants to stay connected to their American roots and passions while rearranging their old lives to fit into a new country mentality.

While approximately 30% of those tuning in are from the US, 28 different countries also tune in.

When you talk Andy and tune into his shows, you can tell some beautiful intention is behind the sports magic.

As Andy poetically sums it up, “Sports talk transcends religion, socioeconomic status, and politics. If you like the same team, you’re friends.”

Gershman believes in the power of sports has to unite people, and argues that there is no reason that one must choose between religion and sports.  Rather, he is building a kosher way to engage in the latter, with what he terms a much more “wholesome” sports talk station than Jews can find elsewhere.

Different options for the cultured sports fans among us: Monday Night Sports Talk with Reb Chayim, Rising Above the Rest-Rugby & Cricket, Goal!-The World Soccer Show, Holyland Hockey Hour, College sports, The Sports Comedy Show, The Sports Rabbi, New York Sports Hour… Keep up to date on the latest of who’s visiting at

It’s all about the cross-cultural benefits. Andy hopes to build bridges between the US and Israel from both directions; those tuning in from America who have never been to Israel will get a taste of its unique culture through the station’s Israeli-Jewish flavor. The slogan for Israel Sports Radio is, quite appropriately, “Building love of Israel, one sports fan at a time.”

Israeli Sports Radio hopes to go live 24 hours a day in the near future.

If you’re tuning in at any time of day or night, and blatantly disagree with something being said on the air, by all means, grab that phone line and call in. Andy wants the radio station to be as interactive as possible.  This is evidenced by its three different call-in numbers- one for the US, one for the UK, and a third in Canada.

Sports is meant to be an opinionated, passionate conversation, and Israel Sports Radio intends to keep it that way.

For all of those die-hard American footballians who just can’t convince themselves to be satisfied by European soccer, your helmet days are not over just because you are nestled within Israeli soil.  Israel has created their very own Israel Football League and Israel Sports Radio does weekly live broadcasts of their games from the Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem Thursday nights.

To Andy and Ari, on behalf of sports fans the Jewish world and Israel over, thank you.