IDF Tactical (Tourist) Training

March 17th 2011

All Israelis at 18 are expected to enroll in the army, including women (the Israeli army is the only army in the world with mandatory army service for women). And their mission is a special one- to protect and guard the Jewish People and their homeland so that it will continue to remain a strong, Jewish state.  Thus, the youth in Israel face an entirely different challenge than those in America, given the awesome responsibility of carrying around guns and knowing how to use them, all for a higher purpose

When you and your bar mitzvah boy step off the plane to begin a private or group tour in Israel, he will be mystified by all of these young adults in their green uniforms and combat boots, proudly walking around.  He may wish that he, too, could be a part of someth

ing bigger than himself, like the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) . After all, part of being a bar mitzvah is learning about responsibility, the strength he must find within, and being part of the greater collective.

Trinity Adventure Training, part of the internationally-renowned Trinity Defense Group, offers special deals for boys celebrating their bar mitzvah in Israel. Your child will learn all of the details and experience real life shooting practice in combination with stimulated danger scenes, gaining valuable insights into how to respond to urgent, anxiety provoking situations.  This training will be a unique type of education for the bar mitzvah boy to carry with him throughout his life.

As Ron Lasmanovich, CEO and Cofounder of the Trinity Defense Group, describes the incomparable opportunity this program provides for those traveling through Israel: “They experience the rush, the excitement, and learn not only being a soldier but about being a human being who is aware of his surroundings.”

His teachers are highly qualified and professional former IDF Special Forces operatorsall with extensive training and experience, to ensure only the highest level of education and safety.

Stimulations within the program include: hostage rescue
raids, and Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) techniques.  Your child will be given the task of operating a weapon under pressure, running 50 yards, and then when reaching the range, identifying and firing at targets and balloons.

Tailor-made programs are possible for all types of tour groups traveling in Israel. A serious experience that is also exhilarating for its participants, the Adventure Training in Israel is something your child will rave to his friends about the minute he steps off the plane. “You’re parents let you do what?!” they will gasp, wide eyed and disbelieving. And he will nod proudly, knowing that the experience was not only something that made him feel like a stronger Jew, but something of great importance for his journeys throughout life.