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Spotlight on Culture: Jerusalem Arts Festival

March 18th 2017

The Jerusalem Arts Festival is an annual event which invites talented artists from all over the world to perform their specialty for a crowd of eager participants. This year, the festival falls out on March 28th-April 4th, and you can see the full schedule of events right here. If you’re visiting Jerusalem this March, you’re […]

Double Trouble: Celebrating Purim Twice, a Uniquely Israeli Experience

March 13th 2017

Every holiday in Israel is special, what makes Purim truly unique though is that it’s the only country where you can celebrate the holiday twice in one year! Take a look at how to celebrate Purim right while touring Israel this year. Four Aspects of the Holiday Purim has four major components: Charity Gift giving […]

Marching Into Spring: Top Tourist Sites in Israel This March

March 10th 2017

At last! The cold has finally broken, and people are just desperate to get outside and enjoy the freedom. There are loads of outdoor activities, along with some indoor specialties you are not going to want to miss. Here are the highlights of the special happenings in Israel this March. Purim The holiday of partying, […]

Preparing for Israeli Purim Like a Pro

March 6th 2017

Are you visiting Jerusalem this March? If so, you’re in luck because the festive holiday of Purim falls out at the beginning of March this year, and it is certainly one of the most enjoyable celebrations of the entire year. If you want to celebrate this holiday like a local, then check out these quick […]

Foodies: Live Like a Local & Eat Out in Tel Aviv

March 3rd 2017

One of the most convenient (and most enjoyable) ways to live like a local while traveling through Israel is to eat like a local. We know what you’re thinking: ‘Shopping, haggling, cooking, and cleaning? No thank you!’ Well with the right restaurants, you can experience the tastes and flavors of Israel without having to forego […]

Living Like a Local: Eating Out (Like an Israeli) in Jerusalem

February 27th 2017

While indulging in some guilty pleasures that you would never dream of partaking in at home is all part of the vacation experience, an increasing trend towards having an entirely different experience on your trips has become the next big thing. Living like a local for a few days gives travelers a whole new perspective […]

Israel’s Spring Proclamation Full Force

February 24th 2017

Israel has a truly unique experience that no tourist should ever miss. It’s the dead of the winter, temperatures are at their lowest, and so are most people’s spirits. The rain hasn’t stopped (hopefully), the wind is bitterly cold, and it doesn’t seem like an end is anywhere in sight. Know what Israelis do at […]

Discover the thrill of Israel’s Samarathon, an extreme bike racing marathon like you could never imagine!

February 15th 2017

Samarathon: Bike Racing Like You’ve Never Seen It 3 days long, 3 stages, and adrenaline like you’ve never felt before. That’s right, the Samarathon is back in 2017, and cyclists are lining up for the event as we speak. If you are into extreme sports (participating or just watching them!) and you’ll be in the […]

3 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Israel

February 14th 2017

Low lights, soft music, and fine dining all add up to make a romantic evening for you and your date. If you’re traveling through the Middle East and looking for the perfect ambiance this Valentine’s Day, then indulge your object of affection with a night out at one of Israel’s most romantic restaurants. Deca If […]

Four Romantic Ways to Tour Israel

February 13th 2017

Traveling the Holy Land this February? Just because the country as a whole doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t score some major romance points with your special someone while you’re here. Take a look at these surefire aphrodisiacs that will make this Valentine’s Day in Israel a holiday to remember. Spa Holiday Is […]

Fab Feb: Exciting Events in Israel to Look Forward to This February

February 10th 2017

Feeling fidgety this February in Israel? Check out the fabulous events that are taking place this month only in the Holy Land! Shaon Horef is Back & Better Than Ever! Shaon Horef, literally, Winter Time, is a cultural festival that is held every year in Jerusalem during the month of February. Since the winter months […]

High & Dry in Tel Aviv: Rainy Day Activities to Keep You Entertained

February 8th 2017

Nobody likes to be caught out in the rain, particularly on vacation. But if you are going to have the weather rain on your parade, it might as well be in Tel Aviv where there is literally something to do indoors every minute of the day. From art galleries and exhibitions to a hopping and […]

Shaon Horef: The Time of Your Life

February 2nd 2017

Back for its sixth year, Shaon Horef is always a hit for anyone who participates. Each week, something different is showcased, but the concepts are always the same: an eclectic blend of exciting music, dancing, art workshops, cooking demonstrations, street theater, parties, classes, and more! It’s always fun and always fresh, so don’t miss out […]

Get Active! Fun Winter Sports Around Israel

January 31st 2017

Tired of sitting in your hotel room because it’s cold outside? Then get your gear on, and head out for an unbelievable winter experience in Israel that you’ll dream about every day until your next trip. Here are the top winter activities to keep you active and having a blast! Hermon If you’re a snow […]

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Beat: Moshav Band & Other Musical Greats in Israel This Month

January 26th 2017

Are you the kind of person who needs to have an action-packed vacation in order for it to count? Then you must read up on what’s going on this January so you can know where and when to hit up the action and excitement that’s happening around Israel while you’re here. Probably the most talked […]

Wearing Winter Well: Winter Wellness Checklist for the Wistful Traveler

January 25th 2017

Tired of hearing about the cold, rainy weather in Israel? If you want to spice up your mid-winter break with the time of your life in Israel, then check out our checklist for wistful travelers. Here are five activities you can do this winter in Israel to keep your vacation hopping! 5: Go for a […]

Exclusive Spas Around Israel

January 20th 2017

There are loads of fabulous hotels that boast exquisite in-house spas like the Mount Zion, Inbal, and David Citadel in Jerusalem. But what about exclusive resorts that specifically cater to the indulgent? Yep, Israel’s got those as well, and here’s a list of the best ones you are not going to want to miss out […]

Winter 101: The Traveler’s Guide to Surviving the Israeli Winter

January 18th 2017

Despite the fact that the Israel is a desert and generally doesn’t have temperatures much below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the Israeli winter can be a brutal shock to the average tourist no matter where you’re coming from. Fortunately, we’ve got the Traveler’s Guide to Surviving Winter in Israel. Tip #1: Dressing for Success What to […]

Spotlight on Jerusalem: Mike’s Place

January 14th 2017

Tel Aviv is famous for its nightlife. And truth be told, if you’re looking for a wild and crazy party that’ll keep you moving till the sun comes out, Tel Aviv is your best choice. If you’re looking for something a little less…committed though, there are some great bars in Jerusalem that you can enjoy […]

Through the Cold & the Rain: January Happenings in Israel

January 6th 2017

Ok, it’s hardly a week into 2017, you’re starting to feel those extra party pounds, and your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen apart. But the year has just begun, and there’s plenty of opportunity for fun, excitement, and gain. Check out these fun-filled January happenings around Israel, and kick off the year right. Sea […]