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Invigorating Late Fall Hikes Around Israel

October 23rd 2016

When the weather starts cooling off and the days are getting shorter, many tourists feel the itch for one last trek through the beautiful countryside of Israel. If you are in the mood for one final hike, then check out some of these invigorating trails that you can enjoy in the late October, early November […]

Outdoor Shopping Areas Not to Miss Around Jerusalem

October 20th 2016

Israeli winters have their own beauties and gems to bestow, but outdoor shopping isn’t one of them. No, most people, tourists and locals alike, prefer to keep indoors when the weather gets chilly and when the skies fill up with rain clouds. Fortunately, before the Sukkot holidays, you’ve still got a week or two until […]

November Events in Israel You Don’t Want To Miss

October 19th 2016

With the holidays behind you, November is super-charged with some excitement and entertainment that you can enjoy while you’re in Israel this winter. Check out some of these great locations for fun and festivities of a different sort. Tel Aviv Jazz Festival Ready to fill up your evening with some soulful jazz music from some […]

Fall Flowers and Where You Can Find Them

October 18th 2016

Since we are talking about a desert climate, the first rains of the fall produce more greenery than the many dry, summer months that precede it. A stroll across the mountainous regions of the north and central areas of the country will reveal a stunning landscape of lush trees, shrubs, and of course, artistically painted […]

Hoshana Raba & Simchat Torah in the Land of the Torah

October 17th 2016

Towards the end of the week-long celebration known as Sukkot, Jews from all walks of life gather together to commemorate their most precious gift of all: the sacred Torah. Clutching Torah scrolls, Jews dance around the synagogues, giving thanks, praise, and jubilation to God for the timeless treasure that they cherish so dearly. If you’ll […]

Seasonal Fruit Picking & Enjoying – Where, When, What

October 16th 2016

In addition to some rare and beautiful floral arrangements, the Israeli fall season ushers in a wide variety of colorful and flavorful fruits that will tickle your taste buds and please your palette. If you like the idea of tasting new fruits, you’re in for a real treat this September-January. In Israel, you’ll find some […]

Epic Events to Enjoy in Israel Over Sukkot

October 15th 2016

Traveling to Israel over Sukkot is one of the most memorable and exciting things to do with your holiday vacation. The air is charged with fun and national pride, and everyone is just out to have a great time. Check out some entertaining outlets you can hit up when you’re in Israel this Sukkot season. […]

Fun Things To Do In Jerusalem Over Sukkot

October 14th 2016

Sukkot is ushered in after the intensity of the High Holidays and is met with elation and joy. The whole country gears up for the revelry of this joyful holiday, and tourists are invited to join the fun. Here are some top locations to visit over your Sukkot trip in Israel. Kite Flying Come to […]

Meaningful Yom Kippur Touring

October 11th 2016

Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement, a solemn occasion celebrated on some level by nearly all Jews regardless of affiliation. Tourists should be aware of the customs of the day even if they aren’t planning on observing the fast itself in order to be respectful of the natives and traditions, and not to miss […]

Judean Hills: Hidden Treasures Right Under Your Nose

September 27th 2016

If you’ve been to Israel a few times already, you are probably looking for something out of the ordinary to fill your itinerary. Well, then it’s time to travel to lesser-known locales for some off-the-beaten-path fun. Check out some fun and entertaining activities that you can do in the Judean Hills (or Harei Yehudah in […]

Exciting Events to Hit Up This Fall in Israel

September 23rd 2016

While we don’t have the lovely leaves changing colors, Israeli fall is still something wonderful to experience. With the heat of the summer behind us and the winter frost not yet settling in, tourists and locals emerge from their air conditioned cocoons to once more embrace life and the great outdoors. And what a reunion! […]

Israel Back to School FREE Spots for Mom & Dad

September 21st 2016

Now that the little ones are finally settled back into their regular school routines, exhausted moms and dads everywhere can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Most parents are happy to just sit and appreciate the magical sound of silence echoing through their homes, offices, and head space, content in the knowledge that their little […]

Then & Now: Learning History Through the Eyes of Archeological Findings

September 16th 2016

As one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind, it’s not surprising that overturning nearly any rock in Israel will yield fascinating finds. From fresco fragments at the Tzipori National Park to the actual royal seal of King Hezekiah, Israel is a hot spot for archeological discoveries. If you marvel at the wonders of history […]

Touring Tzfat: The Mystical Capital of the World

September 6th 2016

Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel, but after just a moment or two in this mystical place, you will already feel the spirituality that pulses through its very air. From ancient burial sites to some invigorating nature spots, here’s the low down on what’s what up in Tzfat. The Artists’ Quarter […]

L’Chaim! Exploring Israel’s Finest Wineries & Breweries

September 2nd 2016

Judaism holds alcohol in high prominence, using it to elevate an ordinary event into a spiritual occasion. The Sabbath commences with a cup of wine, the holiday of Purim is marked by getting inebriated, and the marriage and brit ceremonies are celebrated over cups overflowing. Jews just enjoy a good drink. You don’t need a […]

Israeli History 101 Like You (& Your Kids) Have Never Learned It Before

August 28th 2016

The school year is fast approaching, and that means kids have to switch gears from vacation mode to learning mode in a jiffy. If you want to start gearing your kids up for the new school year without boring them to tears, then you need to hit up these major landmarks across Israel. Travel the […]

Israel on a Budget: Cheap Hotels Near the Beach

August 25th 2016

If you have the means to indulge in one of the luxury beachfront hotels Israel has to offer, then go for it; it’s an experience you won’t regret. For those who can’t afford the Hilton, here are some great budget-friendly options that will still land you on the sandy shores and give you a fabulous […]

Tiberias: Majestic & Moving Attractions to Visit

August 21st 2016

Tiberias is one of the four holy cities of Israel, and simply entering the city limits one can actually feel its prominence. From mystical magic to natural beauties, Tiberias will capture your heart and admiration in an instant. Take a look at some of the hottest attractions in the area. Tiberias Hot Springs Possibly the […]

The Best Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Around Israel

August 18th 2016

Most people are fascinated by the remote and mystifying world beneath the sea, which is why snorkeling and scuba diving are such popular attractions. Diving down into their world to get a glimpse of how the underwater creatures go about their lives has been described as revolutionary, mind-blowing, and invigorating. Like the idea of exploring […]

Tel Aviv: When the Sun Goes Down, It’s Party Time!

August 14th 2016

While New York City might have coined the title “the city that never sleeps,” Tel Aviv is taking the idea to a whole new level! If you have a serious case of FOMO or just like to party hard, then here are the best places in Tel Aviv to get down till the sun comes […]