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The 10th of Tevet: Remembering Jerusalem

January 5th 2017

In the Jewish calendar, the month of Tevet (roughly December—January) contains a minor fast. Held on the 10th day of the month (Assara B’Tevet), this year the solemn day falls out on January 8th, and it is meant to commemorate the siege that Nebuchadnezzar laid around Jerusalem during his rule over Babylon. Being aware of […]

Breakfast on the House: Israel Hotels with Breakfast Included

December 30th 2016

Vacationing can get pricey, especially if you’re traveling with family. One way to save on your budget is to get inclusive hotel packages, and lucky for you, there are plenty of beautiful hotels in Israel that come with a delicious breakfast Daniel Dead Sea The Dead Sea is a wonderful place to go on vacation […]

Happy New Year! Celebrating it Right in Israel

December 28th 2016

Foreigners traveling in Israel during this season might find the lack of festivities jarringly alarming. Coming from the secular western cultures, where every street, storefront, and lamp post is cheering on the holidays, Israel seems to have missed the memo. In fact, Israel as a nation doesn’t celebrate the Gregorian calendar new year. Israelis have […]

Celebrating Hanukkah in Israel 2016

December 23rd 2016

Celebrating Hanukkah in Israel 2016 Hanukkah is one of the most enjoyable holidays across the culture because it requires very little preparation but packs a lot of fun into eight days and nights! If you’re traveling in Israel during this festive time, you can take advantage of all the celebrations with some iconic and less-traditional […]

Eight Days of Entertainment: Chanukah in Israel

December 22nd 2016

In Israel, this Chanukah? If you are, then you are in for a real treat because Israel’s got some of the best entertainment that’s sure to light up the night and brighten your vacation with some authentic holiday spirit. Check it out! Night #1: Torch Relay: Kick off your Chanukah festivities with a ceremony that […]

Parents, Vacation the Right Way: Family-Friendly Hotels in Israel

December 21st 2016

Traveling with kids can be…challenging! But it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, especially when you visit Israel. A country that understands the importance of family life, Israel has loads of activities, events, and locations geared towards kid-friendly vacationing. Best of all, the hotels are even ready to accommodate groups with children. Here are […]

Best Shawarma Places in Jerusalem: Put the WARM Back in the Winter

December 16th 2016

Shawarma would be classified as ambrosia (food of the gods) if it weren’t for all the calories that came along with it. With artery-clogging goodness, shawarma (the Israeli version of a tortilla wrap) is an Israel staple, and one of the most delicious ones you’ll ever taste! Tourists are always amazed when they first see […]

Winter Holidays Across the Holy Land

December 13th 2016

Israel is known as the Holy Land, and there’s no time that the title is more fitting than in December. The month is chock full of religious celebrations that cover the spectrum from Judaism to Christianity and beyond. If you’re in Israel this December, be sure to partake in some of these festivities. Christmas Christmas […]

December Events in Israel Not to Miss

December 9th 2016

December is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you must resign yourself to a dreary vacation. Israel is bursting with fun and excitement around every corner, even in the coldest months of the year. So, check out some of these awesome December events not to miss, and go home with stories your friends will envy […]

3 Things to You Need to Know & Do in Israel This Winter

December 6th 2016

Touring Israel in the winter is entirely different from other wintertime destinations. While most tourists are heading to sunny locales for their much-needed vitamin D, tens of thousands of sightseers flock to Israel even during the coldest months to get something more out of their vacations. If you’re visiting Israel this winter, here are some […]

Amazing Ways to Beat the Winter Blues in Israel

December 2nd 2016

Israeli winters aren’t always rainy, but since this is a desert climate, people actually spend these months praying for a downpour. So don’t be surprised if you see Israelis dancing in the street as the frigid moisture comes cascading down in torrential waves! Of course, if you’re a tourist, you might not appreciate the blessing […]

Fun & Unique Jerusalem Restaurants

November 29th 2016

Part of the fun of going on vacation is eating out, but having falafel, pizza, or the same burgers every night can get old fast. Lucky for you, Jerusalem is packed with loads of interesting eateries that’ll keep you entertained even as you dine. So check out these Jerusalem restaurants that are out of the […]

Romantic Restaurants in Tel Aviv to Impress Your Date

November 25th 2016

When the weather is cold and the skies are gloomy, we look for warmth anywhere we can find it. Going out might not seem like the logical way to stay warm, but finding a great restaurant that serves first rate food and sparks some romance between you and your date can really get your fire […]

3 Hot Tel Aviv Hotels with Indoor Pools

November 22nd 2016

Like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv has a wide variety of hotels for you to choose from that come with indoor swimming accommodations provided. While Tel Aviv is always warmer than the northern and central parts of the country, you might not appreciate a dip in the Mediterranean when it’s a brisk 55°F! Take a look at […]

Tea: Become an Authentic Israeli with One Cup!

November 18th 2016

When the wind is blowing, the rain is falling, and the stretch of long nights starts settling in there’s one thing that most people in Israel reach for: a steaming cup of tea. Whether it’s Masala Chai with a little bit of milk you like, the tangy punch of a delicious fruit combo, or the […]

Take the Plunge All Year-Round: 3 Top Jerusalem Hotels with Indoor Pools

November 15th 2016

One of the most exciting parts of going on vacation is sitting out by the pool at your hotel. The water, sun, and relaxation add up to an unbeatable experience that travelers look forward to on every trip. What do winter tourists do, though, without their fun in the sun? Well, with the information below, […]

Celebrating Yitzchak Rabin’s Life & Achievements

November 11th 2016

Israel commemorates Yitzchak Rabin’s memorial (this year it’s on Sunday November 13). The fifth prime minister of Israel, Yitzchak Rabin was both a strong political leader and a military man who served his country and his people admirably throughout several wars and across decades. After his assassination, Rabin was commemorated with several honors and numerous […]

Beersheva: The Unforgettable Tourist Destination You Never Knew Existed

November 7th 2016

Beersheva is a quiet, humdrum town that doesn’t get an awful lot of fanfare in the tourist department. It’s not bustling like Tel Aviv, not nearly as heritage rich as Jerusalem (though there’s plenty of history here too), and it can’t beat Eilat in terms of glitz. And that’s why it’s the perfect location if […]

Top Tips for Touring Israel in November

November 3rd 2016

Even the seasoned traveler might be thrown for a loop traversing the Israeli terrain during the early winter months. Things aren’t what they seem and certainly not what you’re used to when the November hits this area, so check out this guide to traveling during this tricky time. You’ll be glad you did! Layers, Layers, […]

Landing From the Holidays, Touring Israel With Your Feet Up

October 24th 2016

With so much excitement, hustle, and bustle surrounding the holidays, you might be worn out from it all. Between the Rosh Hashana highs, the Yom Kippur services, and the action of Sukkot, travelers might be ready for a little R&R before they return home to their daily routines. If you are looking for some slower […]