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Big Matzah & Mini Israel

April 12th 2011

There is something so cute about things in the miniature. And as mesmerizing as the Western Wall is, the miniature replica of it, complete with praying, swaying, mechanically animated mini people all in exquisite fine detail, is just too precious to pass up. Luckily, this Passover, Mini Israel is having a special deal on all […]

Camel Land Israel

April 7th 2011

Camels are an Israeli tourist’s best friend. Unless the person wants to get somewhere really quickly, in which case, an Israeli cab driver with a heavy foot is his best friend. But otherwise, when trying to get back in touch with our forefathers who roamed the Middle East on the slow saddles of these funny […]

Birthright Israel, like you didn’t know

March 30th 2011

Birthright Israel. The opportunity to travel FOR FREE in Israel. The latest news: February 15, 2011. Thousands of different sets of hands were poised above their keyboards, waiting for the exact moment in which registration would begin. In the first minute that it did, 1,000 of them signed up. In the next seven days, over […]

Gene Simmons Tours Israel

March 23rd 2011

Once an Israeli, always an Israeli, regardless of whatever costume you put on, be it ten inch platform shoes or sci-fi  makeup and huge black hair. Gene Simmons, known to the music world as the famous Kiss bassist who sold 100 million records and did outrageous stunts, was nine years old when he left Israel.  At the […]

Israel Museum 2011 Exhibits

March 15th 2011

To look inside the mind of artists is a fascinating journey into another world.  On your Israel vacation, journey into The Israel Museum. Besides housing the old and the traditional (including the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest Biblical manuscripts in the world, a must see for any Israel tour) the museum also houses very new, […]

Israel Sports Radio

March 9th 2011

Why should a dedicated sports fan forget all about their precious New York Knicks once they cross the ocean and leave the Big Apple behind them? Who will join or relate to them at 1:30 in the morning in Tel Aviv, when they are gearing up alone (with Israeli Bamba and Chocorificis of course) to […]

Bible Lands Bat Mitzvah

March 6th 2011

It’s your daughter’s bat mitzvah, so you and the whole family show up in your fanciest attire- take that camera man!- to the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem’s “Museum Row”. The girl of honor leads you around the exhibit; knowingly pointing out information about the Egyptian artifacts that came from Joseph (and the Technicolor Dreamcoat)’s […]

15 Day Tour Every Wednesday!

March 6th 2011

In 15 days, you will encounter the best of Israel as you watch the past of your ancestors come to life.

13 Day Tour Runs Every Friday!

March 6th 2011

Get ready for an exhilarating experience as you discover the history of the Jewish people.

12 Day Tour Every Wednesday!

March 6th 2011

Witness the many faces of Israel as you travel throughout the Holy Land for 12 amazing days.

10 Day Tour Runs Every Friday!

March 6th 2011

Embark on an eye-opening journey of the Jewish homeland and piece together Israel’s history!

Volunteer in Israel

March 3rd 2011

There is no better way to experience Israel than to give back to it. While you tour in Israel, volunteer in Israel! Give to the people, meet the people. Uplift the people. Become a real partner in your relationship to the State. The unbelievable organization, Colel Chabad, is offering weekly opportunities to really interact with […]

Hot Air Balloon Tour of Israel!

February 17th 2011

You’ve come to this distant land to tour Israel, observe Israeli culture and scenery, and gain inspiration and a new perspective on the world.   What better way to look at Israel than through a literally different perspective, 500 meters up in the air? “Rize”, in the North of Israel, is ready to take you on the hot […]

Rags to Riches – Israel Hotels

February 16th 2011

Not exactly a rags to riches story, but an amazing saga all the same- the rise ( and continual rise, no falling here) of the Israeli Fattal Hotel Chains: How Mr. David Fattal went from one awesome hotel to 29 spectacular hotels in 12 years.  All in one tiny country, smaller than the state of New […]

Aliens in Israel

February 6th 2011

So, apparently there’s a new way to go visit the Temple Mount- not by foot, not by helicopter….The first official UFO Temple Mount visit seems to have been conducted, without a formal invitation (hopefully BB’s doesn’t feel too slighted) , this past Friday, January 28, 2011. At 1 Am on Friday, three separate videocameras  were casually […]

A girls night out in Israel…

January 18th 2011

A Girl’s night out in Israel the way it should be. A whole new window into the world of Jewish women.  Warning: Restricted access only. By women, for women. In an outrageously clever musical with original script and choreography, emerges JUDGE! Song of Devorah. Brought to you by the hearty women and girls of Gush Ezion, […]

Jet Israel

January 16th 2011

What says fun in the sun more than cheap airfare? Flying to Israel is quickly accelerating down the runway towards reaching a whole new level of fun. Jet Israel, a new airline, is committing itself to providing low-cost airfare to and from Israel. Who do we have to thank for this miraculous news? The man […]

Luxury in Israel

January 11th 2011

Israel just got more luxurious. The renowned Waldorf Astoria hotel chain is announcing plans to break ground on its second hotel on Israeli soil, this time in Tel Aviv on the beautiful shoreline. Wow wow wow.  But wait- what is a Waldorf Astoria hotel and why are we wowing over it? The Waldorf Astoria hotel […]

Israeli Gold Rush Story, Except Much Better

January 4th 2011

The hunt for Diamonds in Israel… Tourists to Israel already have the opportunity to sift through dirt discarded from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, they can visit Zion Oil searching for “black gold,” and they can view the Haifa bay gas refineries from atop Mount Carmel…how about mining for Diamonds? Sometimes, in order to strike […]

Comedy, Israel Style

January 4th 2011

A little Jewish humor goes a long way. Everyone knows that the Jewish people rule in their deep grasp on the absurdities and peculiarities of life, expressed in the unique, sarcastic, one-liners classic of the Hebraic faith. That’s a fancy way of saying “we’re pretty funny.” So while in Israel, how can you get a […]