Rags to Riches – Israel Hotels

February 16th 2011

Not exactly a rags to riches story, but an amazing saga all the same- the rise ( and continual rise, no falling here) of the Israeli Fattal Hotel Chains: How Mr. David Fattal went from one awesome hotel to 29 spectacular hotels in 12 years.  All in one tiny country, smaller than the state of New Jersey. Plus add in his 28 European hotels.

Let’s start at the very beginning: In the early years of 1998, Le Meridien Hotel Eilat was established by Mr. Fattal, in the very south of Israel. It was a high quality venue, five- stars, with 250 rooms, deluxe and plush. Then, two independent hotels popped up around the area by the following year- the Magic Sunrise Club and the Magic Palace Hotel. Fattal sees what’s going on, merges the two, and begins slowly building up his property and reputation. Sounds a little bit like the beginning stages of Monopoly.

Then, more Israel hotels come on board and join the Fattal group. We’re talking TheEilat Sheraton Paradise Hotels,The Paradise Be’er Sheva, The Le Meridien Haifa,TheNirvana Dead Sea Spa hotel,, The Golden Tulip Privilege, and more.

In 2009, things really start speeding up. Hotel jackpot.  Fattal takes on 12 more hotels, including all of the Sheratons. All of these newly acquired are branded “Leonardo” hotels. If you happen to stay at a Leonardo, you will be of the few that know of its ancestral origin.

By 2010, Fattal was the proud owner of 29 hotels in Israel, and 28 in Europe.

What lessons can we glean from Fattal’s 12 year blossoming?

Well, for starters, I would say 1)never be afraid to start off small, 2) always welcome newcomers and 3)  dream big, even if you live in a small country. Plus, (4),  the name Leonardo never gets old.

Some cool things that Fattal has going for it- they invested five million shekels in developing it’s children’s centers, so while you are enjoying the soothing water of a Jacuzzi, your child will be having the time of his life playing everything from Wii to electronic dance mat games. There are individual clubs for different age levels, with assorted activities arranged for each level.

In terms of entertainment, if you go back to the roots of Fattal at its original Le Meridien Hotel Eilat, you can enjoy such unique things as “singing waiters”,musical theatre, and performances throughout the evenings.

Success is a beautiful thing indeed. Keep it up David Fattal. Where will you go next?