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6 Places in Jerusalem to Take Your Kid Before Their Bar/Bat Mitzvah

April 17th 2019

A Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah is a momentous occasion for any Jewish family, marking the joyous milestone when a Jewish child has all the rights and obligations of a Jewish adult. Before such an important event, it’s vital the boy or girl understands their new status as well as the meanings behind the […]

Outdoor Shopping Areas Not to Miss Around Jerusalem

October 20th 2016

Israeli winters have their own beauties and gems to bestow, but outdoor shopping isn’t one of them. No, most people, tourists and locals alike, prefer to keep indoors when the weather gets chilly and when the skies fill up with rain clouds. Fortunately, before the Sukkot holidays, you’ve still got a week or two until […]

Epic Events to Enjoy in Israel Over Sukkot

October 15th 2016

Traveling to Israel over Sukkot is one of the most memorable and exciting things to do with your holiday vacation. The air is charged with fun and national pride, and everyone is just out to have a great time. Check out some entertaining outlets you can hit up when you’re in Israel this Sukkot season. […]

Then & Now: Learning History Through the Eyes of Archeological Findings

September 16th 2016

As one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind, it’s not surprising that overturning nearly any rock in Israel will yield fascinating finds. From fresco fragments at the Tzipori National Park to the actual royal seal of King Hezekiah, Israel is a hot spot for archeological discoveries. If you marvel at the wonders of history […]

Touring Tzfat: The Mystical Capital of the World

September 6th 2016

Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel, but after just a moment or two in this mystical place, you will already feel the spirituality that pulses through its very air. From ancient burial sites to some invigorating nature spots, here’s the low down on what’s what up in Tzfat. The Artists’ Quarter […]

Ben Tzvi Shack

August 17th 2014

Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi was Israel’s second president, serving from 1952 until his death, at the age of 78, in 1963. His face is found on every 100 shekel bill used in Israel today. The Ben-Tzvi family’s modest home, once located in the Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem, is now a memorial to President Ben-Tzvi and his family, […]

En Hemed National Park

June 22nd 2011

Crusaders, busy Israeli highways, and a beautiful national park. Doesn’t seem to go together now, does it? And yet, straight off the busy Jerusalem- Tel Aviv highway, you can find a luscious path of ground that hosts spectacular lawns, picturesque picnic grounds for all of your Israel photo opportunity needs, and springs bursting from the […]

Airodium Eilat

June 22nd 2011

Flying high on an Israel tour is to be expected. Long after the prophecy that we would return to Israel on wings of eagles, we find ourselves boarding our El Al flights and flying like birds to the Holy Land, via the latest technology. And when you’re at the Western Wall, well you better hold […]

A Thousand Nights and Lod

June 21st 2011

A Thousand Nights and Lod; a physical and musical makeover. There’s nothing like taking a place that has been down in the dumps for a while and uplifting it to a place of class and popularity. So on various dates throughout the upcoming crisp October nights, be a part of the change, as the city […]

10 Days Israel Experience

June 2nd 2011

12 Days Israel Adventure

June 2nd 2011

13 Days Israel & Petra

June 2nd 2011

15 Days Israel & Petra

June 2nd 2011

Mud Building Eco Tour

June 2nd 2011

Experience Israel hands-on as you get your hands dirty on this fun and interactive eco tour!

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

June 2nd 2011

Grab your mission pack and search high and low for the real treasure of Jerusalem!

Jerusalem Political Tour

June 1st 2011

Join our exclusive political tour to see and understand the challenges facing Israel’s capital.

Dead Sea Relaxation

June 1st 2011

Head to the Dead Sea for a day floating in therapeutic waters – the ultimate relaxation!

Israel Festival of Puppet Theatre

May 31st 2011

And you thought your Muppet Show Days were over. Move over Ernie, run along Bert, Jerusalem’s got some puppet magic that will blow the socks out of your entire private Israeli group tour, children and adults alive. This August 14th through 19th is the annual International Festival of Puppet Theatre, brought to you by The […]

Glenn Beck Israel Rally

May 18th 2011

If you are traveling in Israel this August and want to be a part of the action, be sure to find yourself near the Temple Mount and the Western Wall if you want to witness an unusual gigantic rally being hosted from a member of a prime time US talk show. Glenn Beck, talk show […]

Ethopian Jews and Yom Haatzmaut in Jerusalem

May 2nd 2011

Israel is a land with millions of stories of people from all around the world returning to their homeland in the most unusual and surprising ways. Among the stories are the Jews from Ethiopia, who in the last thirty years have returned en masse after two enormous emergency airlift operations (Operation Moses and Operation Solomon). […]