Airodium Eilat

June 22nd 2011

Flying high on an Israel tour is to be expected.

Long after the prophecy that we would return to Israel on wings of eagles, we find ourselves boarding our El Al flights and flying like birds to the Holy Land, via the latest technology.

And when you’re at the Western Wall, well you better hold onto your prayer shawl and phylacteries, because the spiritual winds are going to ready to take you to a whole other ballpark.

But more literally speaking, flying high in Israel is completely possible. At the Eilat Airodium, which is also the world’s largest wind tunnel for human flight, you can hover five meters high in the air, do flips, somersaults, and give high-fives to your fellow flying partner as you feel the wind gushing around you.

There are no strings attached, no ropes to hold onto for dear life. This vertical wind tunnel gets you into high velocity (approximately 200 km/h to be exact) in order to lift you into the all-encompassing free-flight zone you’ve been craving.

The truth is that this flying experience can actually help you in other areas of your life; while learning to maneuver your body into different positions, you will find that your muscles will be significantly more agile to dominate in other sports- related activities.

Watch what you’re eating on your Israel tour; those with very large beer or wine bellies will not be able to fly unless they are very tell, due to the law of physics….

Of course, the Airodium was not originally produced with the thrills of human emotions in mind; it was conceived as an assistant to military training for skydivers as well as astronauts in the US. But why should astronauts have all the fun?

While you might desire to fly higher and higher and higher, don’t worry, the sky is not the limit. At the Airodium, there is an operator who is in control of the stream of wind that is the stimulant for your ascent, and eventual descent (remember, what goes up must come down). All I can say is, thank God for aerodynamics!

And if you haven’t had enough of Jewish headgear since you arrive in Israel on your Israel tour, then get ready for the trendiest version of helmet and space flying suit you have ever seen.

Learn some new sign language while you’re at it! As the wind pressure is pretty strong, you’re not going to be hearing much of anything else, so the Airodium Eilat crew will be teaching you some new ways to communicate.

Eilat is a special place indeed, basically a vacation-zone that’s fixated on giving you the greatest thrills and beautiful coral reef opportunities known to mankind in the Fertile Crescent.

Who knows, maybe after your flight into thin air, you’ll sign up to be one of those army guys who jumps out of airplanes to defend the land of Israel. Only time, and some good flying experiences, will tell.

Check out this hysterical Airodium video to get a taste of this flying madness: