Epic Events to Enjoy in Israel Over Sukkot

October 15th 2016

Traveling to Israel over Sukkot is one of the most memorable and exciting things to do with your holiday vacation. The air is charged with fun and national pride, and everyone is just out to have a great time. Check out some entertaining outlets you can hit up when you’re in Israel this Sukkot season.

Abu Ghosh Music Festival

The Abu Ghosh music festival is a world-renowned event that people flock to from all corners of the country. Situated in this beautiful, quiet town just ten minutes outside of Jerusalem, the festival celebrates music at its core, bringing an eclectic variety of talents, styles, and sounds into one harmonious and magical evening. Held twice yearly, this year’s festival will be from October 21-24, 2016.


Tamar Festival

If you find yourself near the Dead Sea, the Tamar Festival is a great way to enjoy some amazing music with friends or family. This five day festival takes place over Sukkot (October 17-20), and features some of the greatest names in the Israeli music scene including Balkan Beatbox, Infected Mushroom, and Avraham Tal.

Dance Festival

Get your dancing shoes on (or take them off – because it’s Israel!) because Mitzpeh Ramon is hosting their epic dance party that’ll last well into the night. Get live performances, workshops, and invigorating dance-offs that’ll let you move to the music and feel the rhythm in your feet.


Kakadu Workshops

If you’ve always enjoyed art but never fancied yourself an actual artist, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Kakadu workshops. Held on Moshav Tzafririm, just outside Beit Shemesh, these workshops pride themselves in making everyone feel like a natural born artist. Teaching technique, allowing participants to touch and feel through the materials, and exploring various artistic outlets, Kakadu brings out the artist in you.

There are also jeep and camel rides along the Negev, bike tours across the country, and the Icon Festival in Tel Aviv. Happy Sukkot and enjoy your travels!