Outdoor Shopping Areas Not to Miss Around Jerusalem

October 20th 2016

Israeli winters have their own beauties and gems to bestow, but outdoor shopping isn’t one of them. No, most people, tourists and locals alike, prefer to keep indoors when the weather gets chilly and when the skies fill up with rain clouds. Fortunately, before the Sukkot holidays, you’ve still got a week or two until the cold tide comes in, and if you aren’t ready to hang up your shop-till-you-drop hat just yet, then check out some of these outdoor shopping extravaganzas. Get in your last purchases before the weather turns frigid!

Mahane Yehuda

There is nothing that beats the open shuk in Jerusalem. Famous for its colorful shops, flavors, and personalities, Mahane Yehuda has always been loved by adventurous tourists who want to really get a slice of how Israelis live their lives in earnest. You can find nearly anything you heart desires down these narrow corridors, and even if you can’t, there is always a friendly, loud, and overly personal Israeli there to point you in the right direction.

From fresh seasonal fruits and veggies to clothing, spices, fresh meats and fish, and some sensational dairy products and halvah cubes, indulge in this dynamic cultural experience and walk away with the deal of a lifetime!


Mamilla Mall

Mamilla is a modern marvel for anyone who loves shopping, architecture, and art. This contemporary outdoor shopping mall houses the latest fashions and some top designer labels. What makes the mall really stand out though is the eclectic array of artwork that decorates the corridors. From modern art sculptures to some thought-provoking pieces, lovers of art and expressionism will find plenty to peruse, discuss, and marvel at as they browse the attractive window displays just steps away from the ancient Old City walls.


Ramot Mall

This is a relatively new infrastructure that was beautifully designed around a large, open courtyard with flowers, water fountains, and eating/sitting areas in the center. Marble floors and pillars create a comfortable elegant complement to the overall atmosphere.

You’ll find all your favorite stores within the Ramot Mall including Castro, Fox, Zip, Laline, and Naaman, as well as some delicious eateries like Burgers Bar, Holy Bagel, and the ever-enjoyable Zisalek ice cream store.


Geulah is an ultra orthodox street that is lined from one end to the next with shops of every sort. The hustle and bustle of Geulah makes it a must-see experience, and the crescendo of excitement peaks around the holidays. So now is really the best time to be there when the Sukkot decorations are bursting out of the storefronts, spilling over into the sidewalks and even the crowded streets.

Other great outdoor shopping areas include Ben Yehuda, Yaffo, and the many side streets that are peppered with ancient secrets and timeless deal makers. Come visit Israel this fall, and walk away with yet another fabulous only-in-Israel experience to remember!