Aliens in Israel

February 6th 2011

So, apparently there’s a new way to go visit the Temple Mount- not by foot, not by helicopter….The first official UFO Temple Mount visit seems to have been conducted, without a formal invitation (hopefully BB’s doesn’t feel too slighted) , this past Friday, January 28, 2011.

At 1 Am on Friday, three separate videocameras  were casually filming the Jerusalem skyline, capturing the scenery around the Dome of the Rock. And three cameras caught the same thing- a ball of light descending, hanging around the top of the Dome for approximately 24 seconds, and then shooting off back into space.

Was this some creative scheme by video techies to take attention off of Egypt? Or a high school prank? Or are there really aliens brave enough to find a way to get past Israeli security guards in order to take pictures at the Dome of the Rock?

Israel National News reported on the alleged incident, but couldn’t resist posting at the bottom of their article a link of how to create a light ball effect on a video.

Discovery Newsreporter, Benjamin Radford, observed that “If it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft, it is a very small one…Judging by the size and distance of the dome it apparently hovers over, it would likely be not much bigger than a limousine. This doesn’t mean it’s not a spaceship, but it does make you wonder,” he stated.

Good point, Mr. Radford. What kind of alien would visit Earth in such a tiny spaceship? Unless it was one of those Porsche Spaceships.

We can certainly take a precautionary lesson from this extraterrestrial light show  : Don’t go chilling near holy sites at 1 in the morning,  unless hanging out with aliens is your scene.

Videos below. Decide for yourself.  We aren’t here to judge, we love all tourists.