Israel Winery Tours & Breweries

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Lone Tree Brewery Tour

The Lone Tree Brewery prides itself on producing great, handcrafted beer. Each tour of the modest microbrew facility, located in the forest of Gush Etzion, includes several components. The tour is designed to be hands-on. Since tours are arranged in advance, the staff tries to brew its beer on days when tour groups will be […]

Tishbi Winery Tour

Tishbi Winery offers its visitors a happy marriage of wine and chocolate. What’s the connection? At Tishbi, they say that both wine and chocolate both begin from the ground, and together, they can be enjoyed harmoniously. At the Visitors’ Center, quality gourmet chocolate produced by the French chocolatiers from Valrhona are presented side-by-side with Tishbi […]

Yatir Winery Tour

Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, had a dream to make the southern deserts of Israel bloom. The Yatir Winery, a fulfillment of that dream, lies in the midst of the largest planted forest in Israel on the northern and western edges of the Negev. Founded in 2000, Yatir has produced a bottle of wine […]

Rimonim Winery Tour

There’s wine, and then then there’s pomegranate wine. The Rimonim Winery in the Upper Galilee specializes in making wine from pomegranates instead of grapes. Rimon is the Hebrew name for the pomegranate, and this winery works with 100% pomegranate ingredients and zero added sugar. The Rimonim Winery also produces pomegranate oil that is believed to […]

Agur Winery Tour

One of the ways that the boutique Agur Winery distinguishes itself from the other craft wine brands of Israel is by focusing only on blended wines. During your visit to Agur, you will not only learn about their distinctive line of wines, but also about the particular vineyards in which the grapes were nurtured. The […]

Shilo Winery Tour

Past meets future at the Shiloh Winery, a modern winery that flourishes from its ancient, Biblical roots. Biblical traditionalists believe that the area upon which the Shiloh Winery plants and harvests its grapes was bestowed by the patriarch Jacob as an inheritance to his beloved son Joseph, and the sages teach that Shiloh is worthy […]

Castel Winery Tour

Castel Winery, also called Domaine du Castel, is an exclusive winery. The Ben Zaken family is careful to complete every step along the way according to the very highest standards. Castel only hosts visitors in groups up to six at a time and all arrangements must be made in advance. Castel Winery produces only three […]

Hebron Heights Winery

Start with a group of observant Jewish immigrants from France. Add the geographic location of Kiryat Arba, overlooking Hebron’s Ma’arat HaMachpelah, the Cave of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs, where grapes have grown for thousands of years. Combine these elements with the most modern winemaking equipment. Add it all together, and you have the Noah/Hebron Heights […]

Odem Mountain Winery Tour

The Mount Odem Winery was founded in 2003 by the Alfasi family with the goal of establishing a thriving family business in the Golan Heights. Given the Alfasi family’s love of wine, a boutique, family-owned winery was a natural business decision. Located on Odem Forest’s Moshav Odem, also home to the Alfasis, the Mount Odem […]

Gush Eztion Winery Tour

Are you an early riser, looking for a one-of-a-kind experience while visiting Israel? During the grape harvest season of July, August and September, the Gush Etzion Winery offers a program called Harvesting at Dawn. Visitors, including families with children, can participate in picking grapes from the winery’s nearby vineyards. Hands-on harvesting activities are coupled with […]

Golan Heights Winery Tour

As recently as the mid-1990s, there were just seven wineries in Israel. Today, the nation boasts nearly 300 wineries. Every winery has its distinctive qualities, but the Golan Heights Winery is one of the most well-known, exporting its celebrated bottles to over 25 different countries. If you’re only going to visit one winery on your […]

Galil Mountain Winery Tour

Established in the year 2000 in partnership with the well-established Golan Heights Winery, the Galil Mountain Winery was born from a marriage of tradition and contemporary winemaking technology. Its location, at the top of one of Israel’s most dramatic mountain ranges, represents the reestablishment of fertile ground where vineyards were cultivated 2,000 years ago. Unlike […]

The Carmel Winery Tour

A visit to the Carmel Winery in Zichron Yaakov combines extremes in history with extremes in scale, as the Carmel Winery is both the oldest and the largest winery in Israel. This facility produces an astounding 15 million bottles of wine each year. Among these 15 million bottles are wines sold under the Selected label, […]

Adir Winery Tour

The products of the Adir Winery are expressions of Avi Rosenberg’s passion for living and working in concert with nature. Rosenberg trained as a Cellar Master at the Galilee’s Tel Hai Academic College, and thanks to his touch and an amazing hilltop location, the family-owned and operated boutique winery is one of the most charming […]

Dalton Winery Tour

While visiting the Upper Galilee, stop in at the Dalton Winery in Merom Hagalil for a tour and wine tasting. You’ll find the Dalton Winery amidst the luscious greenery and mountains of the Upper Galilee, just three miles from Israel’s border with Lebanon. Cold winters near Mount Hermon, hot summer days and cool summer nights […]

Pelter Boutique Winery

Visits to the Pelter Winery are private affairs. The Pelter family enjoys the opportunity to host tourists, whether it’s at a private event, a wine tasting or selling their fine wines directly to the consumer. They believe that the wine buying experience is enhanced when their clientele can experience the essence of the winery first […]

Ella Valley Winery Tour

Ella Valley Wineries began in 1998 when one man, Danny Velero, drove all across Israel looking for the ideal place to reinstitute the wine culture of Israel. He settled on the historic Ella Valley and the Aderet Vineyard was planted, employing 21st century wine-making knowledge that Velero imported from his years in Napa Valley, California. While […]

Tzora Winery Tour

Israel’s Tzora Vineyards lies nestled in the Judean Hills, where the small team of winemakers at Tzora believes the location of their vineyards to be highly valuable to the wines they produce. Established in 1993, the 20+ year-old winery crafts 80,000 bottles each year with plans to grow to a full production of 100,000 bottles […]