Adir Winery Tour

June 20th 2014

Adir Winery

The products of the Adir Winery are expressions of Avi Rosenberg’s passion for living and working in concert with nature. Rosenberg trained as a Cellar Master at the Galilee’s Tel Hai Academic College, and thanks to his touch and an amazing hilltop location, the family-owned and operated boutique winery is one of the most charming to visit in Israel’s North.

With its white wicker furniture, clean, open spaces and outdoor tables covered with awnings, the ambiance at the Adir Winery will make you feel like you’re visiting a resort. This spot is distinguished by the exceptional views afforded thanks to its dramatic location in the Upper Galilee. Adir is also the home of Adir Dairy, which produces high quality dairy products, such as garlic and dill goat spread cheese, based on pure, fresh goat milk. The spacious visitors’ center offers custom-designed group fun days that can include kosher meals and wine and cheese workshops, depending on the season and the preferences of the group.

Tours of the vineyards and winery include explanations of the many factors professional winemakers must balance to create exceptional wines. Visitors will learn how to taste wine to best appreciate the elements that went into its making. The combined wine and cheese workshops also introduce visitors to the world of cheese, the various stages of manufacturing cheese, basic principles for handling cheese and more.

Each stage of the wine-making process, starting from planting and continuing through growing, selection, harvesting, crushing and bottling the wines is overseen by expert family winemakers. The Adir Winery concentrates on dry red wines, including Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Kerem Ben Zimra vineyards. They also feature red and blush port style dessert wines made from Kerem Ben Zimra grapes.

The Kerem Ben Zimra vineyards were originally planted three and four decades ago in the Upper Galilee region. The grapes from these vineyards express the superb combination of excellent land and ideal climate conditions. Adir Winery was established in 2003, and many of their wines have been winning Silver, Gold and Double Gold medals since 2008. Availability of specific wines will depend on the time of year, as wines do go out of stock in this boutique winery.

Adir is kosher and closed on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.