Pelter Boutique Winery

May 26th 2014

Pelter WineryVisits to the Pelter Winery are private affairs. The Pelter family enjoys the opportunity to host tourists, whether it’s at a private event, a wine tasting or selling their fine wines directly to the consumer. They believe that the wine buying experience is enhanced when their clientele can experience the essence of the winery first hand.

Pelter got its start down under. After spending time studying winemaking in Western Australia, where wine is part of everyday life, Tal Pelter returned to Israel to establish a winery that captured the Australian attitude toward wine. Between 2002 and 2005, Tal began producing wine on his family’s farm on Moshav Zofit in central Israel. By 2005, he was ready to establish the Pelter brand.

Wooed by the open spaces of the Golan Heights, with its ideal climate and conditions for growing grapes for wine, Tal and his brother Nir relocated to northern Israel with their families. Together, they brought Pelter Winery into existence. Today, Pelter Winery is located in Ein Zivan, a relatively tiny kibbutz of fewer than 100 families in the northern Golan Heights. Pelter Winery shares Kibbutz Ein Zivan with a chocolate factory run by a chocolatier from Argentina.

Everything at Pelter Winery – from selecting the grapes, purchasing barrels, blending the wine, bottling, marketing and distributing the fruits of their labor – is handled by a member of the Pelter family. Even though the winery’s production now exceeds 100,000 bottles a year, Pelter retains its pastoral, boutique winery appeal.

Should you find yourself hooked on Pelter wines, be assured that they are exported to select shops in the United States and many European locales, including Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark. Outside of Israel, Pelter wines are available by the glass at many fine restaurants or by the bottle in fine wine shops. The Pelter brand is known in the United States to be among the top wineries from Israel, having been regularly reviewed by prominent Israeli food and wine critic Daniel Rogov.

The Pelter Winery offers three lines of wines. Their T Selection Series are their highest quality, flagship wines, offered, like fine art prints, in a series of numbered bottles. The Pelter Series offers more affordable, but still distinctive, high quality wines. Their Methode Traditionnelle line showcases their craftsmanship in producing sparkling wines.

The wines produced by the Pelter Winery are not kosher.