The Ultimate Guide to Summer Touring in Israel

August 2nd 2017

Go to the Wailing Wall, find a good falafel stand, and then spend the rest of the time bickering about where to go and how to get there. If this pretty much sounds like where your next Israel vacation is heading, then you might want to check out our 4-part  series on fun and entertaining attractions all over Israel. They’re enjoyable for everyone, guaranteed to get you going, and these guides will finally give your trip the boost you’ve been looking for.

Ultimate Guide to Free Activities Around Israel

Traveling on a budget? No problem. Here’s a list of free activities you can enjoy in Israel this summer . From outdoor attractions to festivals and national events, these top attractions are amazing (and that’s before you see the price tag!) Just think, more cash to spend on presents or eating out.

Ultimate Guide to Indoor Activities Around Israel

If you’re getting a little hot under the collar, it might be time to head indoors for some cooler entertainment . Check out these categories of fun that’ll help you chill out away from the Israeli summer sun, including Israel’s top museums, art galleries, factory tours, shopping malls, and indoor activities.

Ultimate Guide to the Great Outdoors Around Israel

Don’t waste your whole summer vacation inside, though. Israel has some of the most beautiful outdoor attractions in the world , so grab a water bottle (or three!), and get outside for some spectacular:



                Picnic areas

                Archeological sites

Ultimate Guide to Theme Parks Around Israel

While it’s not Disney World, Israel has plenty of exciting amusement and water parks  that’ll give you the action and excitement you’ve been looking for. Check out this article for Israel’s hottest:

                Water parks

                Amusement parks



That about rounds up our Ultimate Guide to summer touring in Israel. Check out the four parts to the series for a more in-depth look and details about each one, and have a vacation you and your family will never forget!