Israel’s Ultimate Summer Guide: Theme Parks

July 14th 2017

It’s summertime, and Israel is bursting with fun and thrilling attractions. Here’s a list of the best theme parks and other outdoor attractions you’ll enjoy on your trip this year!

Water Parks

Various water parks around Israel include water slides of dizzying heights and bends, large pools, wading pools, an array of water attractions and activities. Basically, these are the places to be when the weather gets hot!

Yamit 2000 (Holon)

Shefayim (10 minutes from Netanya)

Chofetz Chayim (Kibbutz Chofetz Chayim)

Luna Gal (Moshav Ramot)

Nachshonim (Kibbutz Nachshonim)

Chof Tzemach

Amusement Parks

Superland has a fabulous array of attractions for everyone from toddlers all the way up to grandpas!

A branch of Superland, you’re getting the same awesome fun in this central location.

One of the biggest and most involved amusement parks in Israel, Kif Tzuba boasts colorful and exciting attractions for kids of every age including a huge boat ride, rollercoasters, carousels, water attractions, a game room, rope/net climbing mazes, train ride, and more.

Tractors, go carts, water slides, Gyros, paddleboats, omega dive, and more!

Aquariums, Zoos, & Safaris

Israel has some pretty awesome zoos with collections of exotic animals, endangered species, and rare specimens from all over the world. Here are the best ones:

The most famous and popular zoo in Israel, the Biblical Zoo takes you on a journey through the Bible, showcasing each animal mentioned in a beautiful and comfortable backdrop. Recently, this zoo opened its latest attraction, the Gottesman Aquarium, an underwater experience not to be missed!

Not just another bird exhibition, Tzeparia shows you these fine feathered friends in all their colorful, exotic, and little-known wonder.

The biggest and most extensive safari in the country, this is also a research and recovery sanctuary for animals of every kind.