Hot July Events for the Sizzling Israeli Summer

July 5th 2017

Think you’re warm right now? Well, wait till you check out these hot events that are happening only in Israel throughout July. From music festivals to sports, action, and excitement, here’s the stuff you don’t want to miss this month!

Jerusalem International Light Festival

The Jerusalem International Light Festival is back for its ninth year running, and it has some of the most impressive displays you’ve ever seen. Waltz through the majestic Old City and marvel at around fifty different exhibits that highlight the magic, science, and wonder of light in fascinating ways including some exhibits that range from novel to amusing to outright extraordinary like:

Towering light-induced picture frames that invite you to come grab a snapshot of the action with you as the star.

A giant light puppet that interacts with the audience, dances, and tells a heartwarming story of peace and love.

A three-dimensional light show that is triggered and controlled by your movements. Each motion sets off a different LED light sequence for a spectacular presentation that’s unique and exciting.

When: June 28th – July 6th @ the Old City of Jerusalem

Maccabiah Games

The Israeli Olympics, the Maccabiah Games, brings Jews from all over the globe together every four years to unite in sporting fun, competition, and prowess. 2017 marks the 20th event and will host approximately 10,000 athletes (and another 22,000 spectators) from over 80 countries around the world. Games will include fencing, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, weightlifting, volleyball, and much more.


When: July 4th – 18th @ Teddy Stadium

Tel Aviv Blues Festival

See some of the world’s greatest blues artists up on stage and in person delivering musical performances that reach right down into your soul. With 40 shows in just four days spanning twenty different clubs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, so don’t miss out!

When: July 13th – 16th in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem International Film Festival

Celebrating the varied talents of artists across the world, the Jerusalem International Film Festival invites an international crowd of film connoisseurs to revel in the art about which they’re most passionate – the silver screen. Enjoy VIP screening, awards ceremonies, and upcoming cinematic trends from leading and rising directors, producers, and actors. The 11-day event screens over 200 international films and it is the only place to be for anyone in the film industry.

When: July 13th – 23rd @ 11 Hebron St., Jerusalem

There’s plenty to do in Israel this summer, so come on down!