12 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer in Israel

July 7th 2016

If you’ve brought your kids along with you for a vacation in Israel, then you’re in for a few special surprises! While this might not be the relaxing, romantic, or rejuvenating vacation you dreamed of, an Israeli getaway with tots can be lots of fun and filled with memories you will all cherish for a lifetime. Here are some great activities both you and the kids will enjoy this summer in Israel.

Parks & Funfairs

Fun things to do with kids 5.jpeg

Speedy Kef: Rollercoasters, jumping castles, ball pits, and more

Location: Kibbutz Tzuba

Luna Gal: Water slides, pools, and fun for kids of all ages

Location: Chof Golan

Shefayim: The biggest water park in the country

Location: Kibbutz Shefayim

Biblical Zoo: An incredible zoo experience for the whole family

Location: Jerusalem

Ramat Gan Safari: The biggest safari in Israel

Location: Ramat Gan

Factories & ToursFun things to do with kids 3.jpeg

Bamba: Watch out for peanut allergies!

Location: Holon

Tnuva: Get a taste of some delicious Israeli dairy products and learn how they’re made

Location: Rechovot

Coca Cola: Ten multi-media rooms give you a panoramic view of this fascinating company

Location: Bnei Brak

DeKarina or Strauss-Elite: One word, CHOCOLATE

Location: Ein Zivan, Upper Nazareth

Museums & EducationFun things to do with kids 4.jpeg

Madatech: Museum of Science, Technology, & Space: A fascinating museum filled with the coolest topics for kids (and adults!) to learn, discover, and explore

Location: Haifa

Bloomfield Science Museum: Kids get hands-on experience about how the world works

Location: Jerusalem

Yad V’Shem: If you have older children, this is an important lesson that everyone must learn

Location: Jerusalem

Touring with TeensFun things to do with kids 2

Of course, teenagers are a whole other story! Too cool to enjoy the tiny tots stuff but not old enough to appreciate the adult venues, teens are stuck in the middle. Here are a few activities that are sure to pique their interest (even if they won’t admit it!):

Hit up some water activities. Water activities will keep them moving and having fun. Try snorkeling in Caesarea, banana boating in Eilat, and water hiking in Hezekiah’s Tunnel.

Enjoy nature! Take them on some thrilling hikes, mountain climbing, and ATVing trips to keep their serotonin levels high and their smiles coming on strong!

If you can let go a little, take them to White Night in Tel Aviv. They’ll love you forever! If not, at least let them enjoy the water fight!

Make the most out of your trip to Israel by gearing up for some fun, action, and enlightenment for the whole family to enjoy.