Walk on the Wild Side: Explore the Wildlife of Israel

May 24th 2017

You’ve probably heard about Israel’s diverse climate zones. In one day of traveling the tiny coast, you can visit a snow-capped mountain, a sun-kissed valley, and a white sand beach that you’d swear was a slice of heaven on Earth. With such a vast array of temperatures, you can imagine the flora and fauna of this unique country would cover a pretty impressive spectrum, oh and it does. If you enjoy colorful plant life and exotic animals, check out some of Israel’s most amazing wildlife exhibits and zoos.

Unique Combination

It is amazing to see the vast diversity of mammals found in Israel. Right on the border of climate changes, Israel has become the homeland for many species that aren’t found on the opposite sides of her state line. Palearctic mammals, for example, won’t traverse the desert, and you’d never find African desert animals on the other side of the Mediterranean. This makes Israel the ideal home ground for many and varied species, the perfect spot for a wildlife lover to run free.

Exotic Animals on the Brink

Some species are facing extinction, and precautions are being made to attempt to counter this natural phenomenon. Animals such as the Arabian leopard and the sand cat, along with 55 other animals, are currently endangered.

Short-beaked dolphins in Ashdod

Fin whales in Caesarea

Arabian oryx in Yotvata

Amphibians & Reptiles

Israel also has a wide range of reptiles, with approximately 100 different species to account for. Amphibians, on the other hand, are rarer to find, though passionate wildlifers can see a re-emergence of the Hula painted frog in the Hula Valley Reserve, along with other endangered species such as the banded newt, and the eastern spadefoot toad.


Roughly 500 species (and approximately 500 million birds!) migrate through Israel twice yearly during the migration seasons. There are several structured birdwatching facilities that will allow you to partake in this marvelous aerial adventure including ones in Ein Gedi, Sde Boker, Eilat, the Jordan Valley, and Kfar Ruppin. Eagles are particularly prevalent in this country, and you can find the rare North African ostrich running around open reserves in the Negev desert. And don’t miss out on seeing the adorable and beautiful Hoopoe.

That’s before even starting on the wild plant life in Israel. If you love the idea of watching exotic animals in their natural habitats, there’s no better place to be than the wide-open plains of beautiful Israel.