Israel’s Ultimate Summer Guide: Indoor Activities

July 7th 2017

As the Israeli weather warms up, it’s the time when most people come to visit this beautiful country. If hiking, climbing, and schlepping around in the heat doesn’t sound like your idea of a vacation, then check out these fun activities that you can do to keep cool and have a blast while you’re in Israel this summer.


There are so many museums in Israel; it’s almost ridiculous! Pretty much any topic you can think of, we’ve covered. From the eerie doll museum to the one dedicated exclusively to tractors and agricultural machinery, you can find your niche and dive deep!

Don’t worry; there are also more traditional museums that’ll astound and enlighten you. Try the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Israel Museum, Tower of David, Bible Land, or the Holon Children’s Museum for something new and interesting every time.

Art Galleries

In addition to plenty of art museums, there are loads and loads of art galleries in every city of Israel, though you’ll find an even greater concentration of them in Tzfat, Ein Kerem, Tel Aviv, and Tiberias. Looking for something unique? Try:

Tel Aviv’s Janco Dada, Tikotin, or Pachot M’Elef galleries

Holon Cartoon Museum and Gallery

Braverman Gallery


Center for Contemporary Art

Indoor Activities

Don’t just want to walk around looking at things? Then try some of these more interactive ideas for indoor entertainment.

Time Elevator: Multi-sensory film experience about Jerusalem over the centuries

Planetarium at the Eretz Israel Museum: Marvel at the wonders of the universe

The Bloc: Indoor rock climbing is as challenging as the real deal

Escape Rooms: There are several exciting adventure rooms you can try throughout the country

Tunnel Tours: Fascinating tours of the underground tunnels that run beneath the Western Wall


While you can go shopping at home, can you ever get enough retail therapy? Here are some great places to beat the heat and pick up a “find” or two:

Bat Yam

Malcha in Jerusalem

Azrieli Mall Chain



G Mall

Ice Park, Eilat

Factory Tours

If learning how things are made fascinates you, then this is a great section for you. Israel hosts several factory tours that are perfect for kids and adults. Some of the best ones include:

The Coca Cola Factory

De Karina Chocolate Tour



Bullet Factory at Ayalon Institute

Ma’Achorei Ha’Dvash (honey factory)

Yvel Jewelry Factory

Michal Negrin Factory

Hazorfim Silver Factory

Diamond Boursa Center


There are so very many concerts and music festivals that occur throughout the summer; you can certainly get your fill of culture and good music. From the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra to the Jerusalem Music Center and more, there’s always something going on. Visit:

Tel Aviv’s Israel Opera

The Charles Bronfman Auditorium

Felicja Blumental Music Center and Library

And more. There’s never a dull moment, even if you want to stay indoors. So visit Israel this summer, and be amazed!