Music, Art & Dance Festivals This Month in Israel

July 12th 2016

Looking for some culture and entertainment while you’re in Israel? Now – in the middle of the summer – is when you can really enjoy some of the more exciting niche entertainment festivals. Here’s a few of the many exciting events you’ll want to check out this month.Music, Art & Dance Festivals 2.jpeg

Jerusalem Film Festival (July 7-17)

If you can’t get enough of the big screen, then you’ll revel in the internationally-adored Jerusalem Film Festival. Come and join the fans in watching over 200 films both Israeli-made and international and meet some of the producers and directors, and actors that brought them to life. Catch screenings at various theatres across the city including the Jerusalem Cinematheque. Films include Nuts!, Beyond The Mountains and Hills, Chosen Ones, and The White Knights.

Tel Aviv Blues Festival

Ready for a music marathon? Then see how many of the 40 colossal concerts you can hit up during this sprint known as the Tel Aviv Blues Festival. It’s music at its greatest and the likes of which could only happen in a place like Tel Aviv! Check out some popular artists including Buddy Guy, Uzi Ramierez, Avner Strauss, and Ronnie Peterson as they perform music for the ages.

Karmiel Dance Festival (July 19-21)Music, Art & Dance Festivals 3.jpeg

Join a crowd of roughly 250,000 people for an epic performance of dance moves from every form and style. This year marks the 29th Karmiel Dance Festival, and it is scheduled to host 100+ performances skilfully exhibited by close to 1,000 dancers from both within Israel and across the globe.

Tomorrowland Festival (July 23)

Envious of your friends who’ve enjoyed the unparalleled entertainment of the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium? Well this year, Israel is getting a slice of the action as the world-class concert branches out to the global scene! Visit the Pais Arena in Jerusalem to enjoy some thrilling sounds from world-renowned DJs Dmitry Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack and Nicky Romero, and come hear some hometown boys get their funk on including Tomer Meiser and Dor Dekel.

There is always something exciting going on around Israel, so whenever you book your ticket, check back for more up to date information on entertainment, festivals, events, and more!