Bar or Bat Mitzvah Tour? Anniversary Celebration? Adventure Traveler? Every tour is crafted to our clients exact specifications. The below itinerary is just a small sample of what is possible! Contact us and we'll create your custom Israel tour!

Day 1 Sunday


VIP Welcome at Ben Gurion Airport

After landing, a Shalom Israel Tours representative will be waiting to welcome you as you exit the plane. Your party will be transported in a private vehicle to the flight staff passport control, continue to luggage identification and transfer to your luxury chauffeured vehicle.

Welcome Transfer to Tel Aviv

Stretching along a beautiful beach strip of the Mediterranean Sea for 100 years, Tel Aviv is considered the face of modern Israel. Nicknamed “The White City” for its abundance of Bauhaus style architecture, Tel Aviv was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2003.

The Tel Aviv North Port

Relax & stroll the north port, also known as the “Namal.”  The remodeled port won the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture, a prestigious European award for landscape architecture. Here you’ll find live performances, art, shopping, and great restaurants.

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Day 2 Monday


Day at Leisure in Tel Aviv

Visit the “Soho” of Tel Aviv and stroll Dizengoff St., Shenken St. & Rothschild Blvd. Filled with funky street vendors, boutiques and coffee shops alongside simple kiosks and local fast food stalls, Tel Aviv brings out the urban hipster in anyone who walks down these streets.

White Sand Beaches

Spend the day relaxing in Tel Aviv, the white city. Walk along the sandy beaches, relax in the sun and frolic in the warm, sparkling water. Grab a drink and a snack at a seaside café, and meander down the promenade, mixing with locals and tourists in Israel’s most bustling city.

The Carmel Market

Tel Aviv’s main marketplace is the open-air Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel), located in southern Tel Aviv. Here you’ll find mounds of colorful, locally grown produce, fish, meat and more. Just wandering the aisles of the Carmel Market is a Middle Eastern experience.

Tel Aviv – Jaffa Promenade

On a beautiful day, nothing beats a walk along the beach. The Promenade runs the length of the city, from southern Jaffa to the northern Tel Aviv Port. Enjoy the cool sea breeze, the views of the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv skyline and soak up the local atmosphere.

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Day 3 Tuesday


Ancient City of Caesarea Ruins

The Caesarea National Park contains the remains of a prestigious city established by King Herod the Great. Prepare to be amazed when you visit the mighty Roman Amphitheatre, the Hippodrome, a 20,000 seat horse racing arena, as well as the impressive Roman Aqueducts!

Alona Park, Mei Kedem

Get more than your feet wet as you walk through this historical tunnel with water up to your knees! Engineered to supply water to the ancient city of Caesarea during the times of Herod and Hadrian, this water tunnel now provides an excellent day of adventure for families.

Haifa Bahai Gardens Lookout

Welcome to “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” Considered the most striking landmark in Haifa, the magnificence of these gardens leaves visitors stunned. The terraced gardens are built around a religious tomb/shrine and landscaped with precision, beauty and creativity.

Rosh Hanikra Grottos & Cable Car

Formed over a period of thousands of years from waves hitting the soft chalk rock on Israel’s coast, the beautiful Grottoes (sea caves) of Rosh Hanikra are truly a wonder of creation. Ride via cable car from the mountain top down to sea level to walk within its gorgeous walls.

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Day 4 Wednesday


Senir Stream Nature Reserve

Here you’ll enjoy the Senir (Hatsbani) River’s refreshing pools and falls, and rest on its lovely green banks. You’ll also get a lesson in politics, learning how this river that stretches between Lebanon and Israel keeps the two nations at odds over the use of its waters.

Iyon Nature Reserve

Get ready for the breathtaking views of the Iyon Nature Reserve, just north of the town of Metula. Walk along one of the most stunning trails in the Galilee region, and take in the blossoming wildflowers and the cascading water of the trail’s four spectacular waterfalls.

Jordan River Rafting Adventure

Get ready for some real water fun! Israel’s Jordan River is the perfect place to cool off – go for some calm white water rafting or take on adventurous kayaking. These activities take place along 12 miles of the Jordan River with turbulent waterfalls and lush grassy banks.

The Meshushim Pool in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve

This site will take your breath away! You’ll enjoy cool, beautiful waters surrounded by hexagon-shaped pillars of congealed black lava. The short trail leading to the pool offers a chance to enj0y spectacular forests, meadows and rare animals like vultures and boars.

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Day 5 Thursday


Tiberias & The Sea of Galilee

Learn about Tiberias old and new. The city was founded in the first century and is located on the shores of Israel’s main source of fresh water, the Sea of Galilee. Walk along the Sea of Galilee Promenade and learn about famous Jewish sages Maimonides and Rabbi Akiva.

Gan HaShlosha National Park

Chosen by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful parks, relax and rejuvenate at one of the natural pools or Jacuzzis that are idyllically situated below a flowing waterfall. Located in the hot Beit She’an valley, the cool water can be a welcome diversion.

 Ma’ayan Harod National Park

This breathtaking green space features springs of water surrounding the huge park’s lawn, a large swimming pool, and a presentation at the Hankin Museum, commemorating one of the first Zionists to purchase land here. Enjoy the view and the bubbling springs.

Qasr Al Yahud Jordan River Point

We’ll stop at the point where the Nation of Israel crossed the Jordan River and entered the Land of Israel after their 40 years of wandering in the desert. This is also the site of Elijah’s ascension to heaven in a fiery chariot after he and Elisha crossed the Jordan River.

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Day 6 Friday


City of King David Excavations

In 1004 BCE, King David conquered this city and secured the place where the Holy Temple would eventually be built by his son, King Solomon. Remaining structures such as Warren’s Shaft and the Tunnel of Siloam exhibit the intricate workings of this ancient capital city.

Old City Ramparts Walk

Built in the 16th century by Suleiman the Magnificent, the vantage points of these ramparts were used by Jordanian snipers against the Israelis from 1948-1967. Walk along the top of the wall and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Jewish and Christian quarters of the Old City.

Zedekiah’s Cave – Solomon’s Quarries

Explore what is believed to be the place where Herod the Great quarried stones in order to renovate Jerusalem’s Holy Temple. This 5-acre cave can be found 30 feet below street level under the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, just between the Damascus and Herod Gates.

Friday Night Tour to the Western Wall

On the eve of Shabbat, Jerusalem transforms; stores shut down, and streets and alleyways fall silent, as all begin to anticipate the weekly Shabbat. Our 2000-year-old tour will pass through Jaffa gate and the Golden Menorah, and end at the Wall right as Shabbat begins.

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Day 7 Shabbat


Shabbat Morning at Leisure & Lunch

Enjoy breakfast and your morning at leisure and Shabbat lunch at your hotel.

Yemin Moshe Shabbat Tour

Take a trip to the neighborhood created by Moses Montefiore, when the Old City became too crowded and settlement began outside the walls. Learn about the various achievements of this famous philanthropist and his contributions to Jewish settlement in pre-state Israel.

Tower of David Night Spectacular

In the evening you’ll head back to the Tower of David’s rooftop to view an epic nighttime extravaganza of sight and sound, depicting the conquests of the Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Turks and others, as they tried to overtake Jerusalem. This show is simply “Spectacular.”

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Day 8 Sunday


Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

On the backdrop of ancient relics and picturesque alleys, discover Jerusalem via Scavenger Hunt! Navigating through the city, discover its rich history and unique character while competing to gather information and fulfill missions at different stations along the route!

Jerusalem Time Elevator Show

The Jerusalem Time Elevator packs 3000 years of history into a fun, exciting, multimedia presentation. This historical show, geared towards older children, is 35 minutes long, and keeps their attention through a fast-paced film with special effects and a motion platform.

United Hatzalah HQ Visit

Learn about United Hatzalah of Israel, a fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Organization that assists in responding to terrorist attacks and medical emergencies throughout Israel.

Meah She’arim Neigborhood

Amid the intensity of this bustling ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, take note of all the unique and varied garb of its residents, highlighting the diversity of their traditions. Don’t miss the plethora of Judaica stores, bookstores, bakeries and food shops Meah She’arim has to offer.

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Day 9 Monday


Ein Gedi National Park

In the biblical period, David hid from Saul amongst the streams and canyons of Ein Gedi. Today, Ein Gedi serves as a refuge from city life and from the arid desert. Enjoy a nature walk amongst date trees, waterfalls, caves and ibex. On a hot day, cool off in the water.

Masada Fortress & Cable Car

Learn about the end of Jewish independence at the time when the Roman Empire was conquering Israel. Visit an interactive museum, which tells the story of Masada and take a cable car up the mountain to view the ruins of Herod’s palace and the landmark synagogue.

Dead Sea Float Experience

Yam Hamelach, literally meaning “Sea of Salt,” is 417 meters below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth. Its salty water contains unique healing properties, which, combined with the nutrient-filled mud found on its shores, creates one luxurious and healthy day.

Timna National Park

Travel back in time when you venture into this geological wonderland! See the ancient copper mines, King Solomon’s Pillars and the huge multi-colored rock formations. A man-made lake in the middle of the desert offers shaded areas to enjoy the panoramic view.

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Day 10 Tuesday


Relax on the Red Sea Beaches

Enjoy the clear blue of the Red Sea and the sun that shines over Eilat year-round. More than 1200 species of tropical fish in beautiful hues swim in the sea, and still more creatures make their homes in the coral reef. Egyptian and Jordanian mountains are visible across the bay.

Eilat Bay Activities

Snorkel or scuba dive around a beautiful coral reef in the warm waters of the Red Sea. Gingerly step into the water, or dive right in. You will be stunned by the variety of vibrantly colorful fish, the myriad species of mollusks and corals – and by the warmth of the water.

Dolphin Beach (Dolphin Reef)

A group of Bottlenose dolphins, including babies born at the site, play amongst themselves and with humans. You can get up close during a guided swim, or grab a view from one of the floating piers. The area features lots of entertainment options, and the dolphins swim freely.

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Day 11 Wednesday


The Underwater Observation Marine Park

Enter the amazing world of the Red Sea, one of the most scenic seas in the world. The Park maintains an extensive exhibition of fish and other living creatures native to the Red Sea, including aquariums, a Shark Tank, Turtle & Stingray Pool and underwater observatories.

SNUBA Diving Trips

Don’t have scuba experience? No problem! Embark on an underwater adventure through the easy scuba-like activity of SNUBA. SNUBA combines the ease of snorkeling with the technology of scuba by using an air tank that remains on an inflatable boat on the surface.

Kings City Eilat

Covering 40,000 square feet and three floors, Kings City Eilat is based on the biblical history of the Israelites. It has practically endless educational and exciting activities, rides and exhibits, including the King Solomon Waterfalls’ splashes and an exhilarating boat ride.

Sunset Jeeping in the Eilat Mountains

Explore the dramatic desert landscape as the sun sets in a blaze of color across the mountains. An exciting off-road adventure that takes us over the most scenic 4×4 routes in the Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve, covering ancient pilgrim routes and stunning off road trails all in open-top Land Rover jeeps.

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Day 12 Thursday


Domestic Flight to Tel Aviv & Transfer

Neve Tsedek Neighborhood

One of Tel Aviv’s first neighborhoods, Neve Tzedek was built in 1887. This area has housed several famous artists and writers, including Nobel Prize winner S Y Agnon. Today, Neve Tzedek is home to several boutique art galleries, independent cafes and cultural centers.

Famous Jaffa Flea Market

Experience an exotic flavor known only to the Middle East, including antique furniture, jewelry, hookahs with all the accessories.  At the Jaffa Flea Market you’ll find a wide variety of treasures, including European vintage clothing, colorful delights, and rare items.

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Day 13 Friday


Farewell Transfer…We’ll Miss you!

Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your temporary departure from Israel…Bye for now!