More October Excitement for Israeli Tourists

October 3rd 2017

In case you didn’t get enough from the fabulous array of October art, culture, and archeology we dished out last time, here are a few more highlights that you’ll only find this month in Israel. Make sure to hit up a handful to complete your vacation itinerary with a bang!

Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art

Get inspired by some amazingly talented artists at this second annual Jewish art exhibition. The event will showcase works from more than 200 Israeli professionals that each have their own unique twist on the meaning of contemporary Jewish art.

When: All October long all across Jerusalem

The Bible Marathon

This is one of those events that makes you feel alive…even if you’re just watching from the sidelines! It’s an epic run that travels from Rosh Haayin in the north of Israel across to Shiloh, commemorating what may well be the first Biblically recorded marathon in history. Runners can choose from 42.2 km, 21.1 km, 10 km, and 5 km runs, and spectators can cheer the whole time.

When: October 6th

Bird Watching in Eilat

Eilat is famous for a lot of things including incredible water activities and awesome hotels. What not a lot of people know is that this postcard perfect locale is also the scene for major bird migration and rehabilitation every year. Thousands of enthusiasts gather in Eilat to enjoy tours, activities, and of course, bird watching against this beautiful backdrop. (And stay for the Beer Festival that’s running in Eilat from the 8th-11th, too!)

When: October 6th-7th

Brazilian Carnival

Of course, if you want more action than bird watching can afford, then head to the Brazilian carnival. It’s sure to shake you up and give you the excitement you’ve been looking for! Feel the beat of the music, the dancing, and the culture pulsing through your body as the vibrant colors, sights, and sounds fill the air of Tel Aviv.

For more Brazilian excitement, head up north to the Theatron Hazafon for the Circus, complete with acrobats, clowns, and more!

When: October 6th or 8th

Taste of the Galilee

It’s every bit as delectable as it sounds. The Taste of the Galilee festival offers visitors food workshops, activities, music, and more, all highlighting the unique and wondrous nature of the Galilee.

When: October 8th

And of course, there are these fun Sukkot activities you’ll want to check out for the holidays as well!