Fun & Family-Friendly Attractions for Sukkot 2017 in Israel

September 30th 2017

Israel is definitely the place to be for the holiday of Sukkot. Aside from the overwhelmingly nationalistic feeling that washes over everyone during this time of year, Israel boasts the best weather for end of season touring, shopping, and just plain enjoying. If you’re lucky enough to be in the region for Sukkot, check out some of these delightful family-friendly attractions that are sure to give your vacation the perfect combination of fun and festivities.

Strawberry Picking

What could be more refreshing than taking in the beautiful Israeli fall out in the fields? Get back to nature, fill your lungs with endless amounts of fresh, clean country air, and indulge in the incomparable pleasure of freshly picked strawberries under the sun! Kibbutz Ramat Rachel is famous for their strawberry picking tours, so don’t miss out.

Ein Yael

Ein Yael is one of the best places to bring kids all year round, and they are especially appropriate during the holidays. That’s because the staff gears their tours to whatever holiday is upcoming, so kids get a real taste of ancient life along with a good old history lesson based on the season. For Sukkot, Ein Yael plans a wonderful harvest festival with street performers, workshops, and more. Guaranteed winner for kids (and adults!)

And, if you’re a fan of animals, check out the exciting events at the Gazelle Valley Park and Jerusalem Bird Observatory too.

Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum hosts several free workshops and activities for both kids and adults to enjoy during the holiday season. So, whether you want to see this fascinating exhibit on Biblical history, or just need something amusing to do during your stay, this is a great place to start. And, once you’re there, be sure to let the kiddies stay up for the exquisite Night Spectacular.

Ammunition Hill is another fantastic museum that kids will enjoy all year round. During the Sukkot holidays, they offer interesting activities, and the latest Six Day War exhibit is sure to amaze you.

You can also join thousands of tourists and locals as they fly kites at the Israel Museum, march proudly in the Jerusalem March across Gan Saccher, or visit the fascinating Living Bible Museum. Each one is guaranteed to bring you and the family loads of entertainment and enjoyment during this holiday season. And, if you’re looking for food while you’re out, here are some Jerusalem eateries with Sukka included. Happy Sukkot!