Shavuot: The Holiday of the Jewish People

May 26th 2017

Shavuot is a special time to be in Israel because it is the holiday that commemorates the birth of the Jewish nation. Jews of all denominations celebrate the receiving of the Torah in their own ways through all-night learning programs, dedicated classes, events, and other festivities. Along with the actual holiday itself, which falls out on Tuesday night, May 30th – June 1st, there are several holiday-themed activities for tourists to get them in the mood for this great day. Take a look!

First Harvest Festival

Ein Yael is an interactive children’s museum with loads of interesting exhibits to enjoy. Bring your kids to learn about spinning, weaving, cheese making, and more. The museum is conveniently located right near the Malcha Mall train station and is open all week long.

All Night Learning Programs

Part of the experience of Shavuot is the charge of inspiration you get from staying up into the wee hours of the night hearing inspirational speakers delve into the ideas that the Torah teaches. Whether you’d prefer to learn on your own, with a friend, or from a teacher, there are fabulous programs running throughout the city. You can visit nearly any synagogue in the neighborhood where you’re staying, or head to one of the main centers such as Aish HaTorah in the Old City

Western Wall Walk

With tens of thousands of Jews staying up all night to learn their precious Torah, it’s only reasonable to expect the evening to end with a bang. As dawn breaks, join the throngs of inspiration-charged people as they walk from all ends of the city down the streets of Jerusalem to the Kotel for a riveting morning prayer service you won’t ever forget.

Shavuot in Tel Aviv

And if you’re in Tel Aviv for the holiday, check out these olim-friendly synagogues right in the area. Women will also enjoy a special ladies’ event for Shavuot: Taste of Shavuot: Women, Wine, & Wisdom. Treat yourself to a delightful evening out Sunday, May 28th with other women for some laughter, learning, and great food. Reservations are required, so don’t miss out.