Tourist-friendly synagogues in Tel Aviv

May 19th 2017

With the weather getting seasonably warmer, more people are heading out to their vacation destinations. Tel Aviv is a hot spot for tourists from every walk of life because it provides a brilliant tapestry of art, culture, technology, history, and great food all in one condensed space. Oh, not to mention the stunning beaches.

One thing you might not be able to find so easily is a prayer house in the modern city of Tel Aviv. Don’t get stuck as the sun is setting; check out these tourist-friendly synagogues right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

Chabad on the Coast

Of course, you can’t go more than a stone’s throw away without hitting a friendly Chabad center, and they’ve even set up shop in Tel Aviv. The synagogue has Shabbat services and meals every week, and it is highly tailored toward English speakers.

Location: 18 Bar Kokhva (corner of Bograshov)

The North Central Synagogue

The North Central Synagogue is the place for everyone and anyone. You’ll find all denominations, nationalities, and flavors here, and the synagogue is conveniently location on Ben Yehuda st., one of the main thoroughfares of Tel Aviv.

Location: Ben Yehuda 126

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue

This is the perfect stop for English-speakers to catch a quick prayer in a language they can understand. Services are conducted in 2 languages, both English and Hebrew so that you can follow along with the American Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn. Point of interest, this synagogue is one of the oldest remaining prayer houses in Tel Aviv.

Location: Frishman 23

The Great Synagogue

Originally constructed way back in the 20’s (1920’s that is!), this almost century-old building is still a stunning work of art. If you are in the neighborhood for the weekend, you can join a minyan or come for a Friday night meal along with around 350 other people at the Great Synagogue.

There are also several synagogues that cater specifically to the French crowd. Neve Shechter, Rosh Yehudi, and Ichud Shivat Zion are a few within the Central Tel Aviv area. Tel Aviv truly has it all, so don’t let your trip to the Middle East go by without visiting this beautiful and eclectic locale.