Shavuot Happenings Across Israel

June 9th 2016

Shavuot is the holiday when Jews celebrate receiving the Torah, and this year it falls on Saturday night to Sunday night (June 11th-12th) for Israelis. This is a great holiday that flows with delicious dairy delicacies, all-night learning events, and a festive atmosphere as the summer is ushered in, and kids and adults can finally enjoy the end of a drawn out winter. If you are in Israel this holiday season, check out these exciting activities to help you celebrate Shavuot in style.

All-Night Learning ProgramsShavuot 1

Since this is the holiday that commemorates the Jews’ being given the Torah on Mt. Sinai, young and old use the opportunity to learn as much of the wise words as possible. In every synagogue, school, and establishment, you will find groups and individuals pouring over their sacred texts, delving into the depths of these holy concepts. Even small children will stay up late to take part in the festivities. You can find classes to sit in on or you can simply join a group in their love of Torah learning.Shavuot 2

Visit The Tnuva Factory

If you love all things that are dairy, then this is the vacation destination for you. Take a guided tour of the Tnuva factory, one of Israel’s largest dairy manufacturers. You’ll get to hear about how products are made, enjoy an exciting multi-sensory simulation experience, and even get a delectable snack tasting at the end of the tour. Located in Rechovot on HaYam Road, this is one tasty tour you are not going to want to miss.Shavuot 3

Tzfat Cheese Factory

While we’re on the subject of delicious dairy products, you are going to love the Tzfat Cheese Factory. Run by the Hameiri family for generations, this delightful tour guides you through the interesting process of how gourmet cheeses are made. The products are created exclusively from the finest goat and sheep milk. Groups can enjoy discovering some of the inner workings of the dairy, hear interesting history about the ancient city of Tzfat, and, of course, take home some savory treats to enjoy on the holiday.

Shavuot is a colorful and light-hearted holiday, so come to Israel this June and celebrate this momentous occasion for the entire Jewish people in the only place a Jew can truly call home.