Fun Things To Do In Jerusalem Over Sukkot

October 14th 2016

Sukkot is ushered in after the intensity of the High Holidays and is met with elation and joy. The whole country gears up for the revelry of this joyful holiday, and tourists are invited to join the fun. Here are some top locations to visit over your Sukkot trip in Israel.


Kite Flying

Come to the Israel Museum for an education, or just go fly a kite! Literally, hundreds of citizens will enjoy building and flying kites at the Israel Museum this Sukkot, and you can join the fun. There are workshops, competitions, and more, and kids enter for free, so don’t miss out. Note this event is before Sukkot, but it’ll certainly get you in the festive mood!

When: October 13


Jerusalem March

Join 10,000+ citizens from nations all over the world as they come together to participate in the Jerusalem March. This international event attracts support from across the globe, with everyone meeting at the center of Jerusalem’s Gan Sacher. See flags flying, friends picnicking, and fun family events and activities occurring at the park.

When: October 20


Birkat Kohanim

If you haven’t done it yet, birkat kohanim at the Kotel is an indescribable experience. Part of the Jewish prayer tradition of Sukkot is to have the Kohanim (Jewish priests) bless the congregation. This is normally done by a few members of the synagogue without much bluster. At the Kotel on Sukkot, however, it is a momentous occasion with hundreds of people packed into tiny space, dressed in white holiday garb, and clutching their ceremonial signs of the holiday. Again, it is something you can only understand when experiencing it in person.

When: The week of Sukkot October 18-23

There are also bike tours, concerts, and loads of deals like free entrance to great exhibits at the Bible Lands Museum, Tower of David Museum, and more. And if you’re going to be in other areas of the country, check out what you can do all over Israel during Sukkot!