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Explore the Old City Wall Ramparts
Jerusalem's Old City - The Eternal Capital
Kfar Kedem - Fun for the Family!
Tel Aviv - Amazing Beaches & High Tech Ventures
The Western Wall - Our Heritage
The Kotel Tunnels - Explore Remnants of the Temple
Shabbat at the Wall - Time to Dance!
Caesarea - The Ancient Seat of Rome
Masada - King Herrods Fotress
Ruins of Masada - a Story to Experience
The Banias - Ancient Temples of Invaders

Day 1 Tuesday

VIP Arrival
Before clearing passport control a SHALOM ISRAEL TOURS representative will be waiting to welcome you as you exit the plane. Your party will be transported quickly through the airport, pass immigration at a private passport control counter and continue to facilitate luggage identification and handling.

Ascend to Jerusalem
Arrive in Jerusalem and ascend the Haas Promenade (Tayalet). According to Jewish legend, it was from the location of today’s promenade that G-d showed Abraham where one day his descendants would build their holy city. In a single view you will perceive the both Old City and the expanse of modern Jerusalem, a forest of white buildings and red cranes with the hills of Judea looming behind. There is no better place to start your adventure.

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 2 Wednesday

City of King David Archeological Park
After breakfast we will embark on a fascinating tour of the City of King David Archeological Park. There you will see over 3,800 years of history, dating back to the time of Abraham, to when the earliest foundations of Jerusalem were first laid.  The journey quickly heads underground to some of the newest archaeological excavations at the site to relive King David’s conquest of the Jebusite city as described in the 2nd Book of Samuel.

The Jewish Quarter
Steeped in ancient and modern Jewish and cultural history, the Jewish Quarter remains one of the single-most visited spots in Israel. It is the home of the only surviving piece of wall from the Holy Temple, and is surrounded by museums and archeological sites that tell the story of the Jewish people in the area.

The Hurva Synagogue
Visit the Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter section of the Old City of Jerusalem. Rich in history, the newly rebuilt synagogue in its 19th century style, serves as a reminder to the entire global Jewish population of their enduring strength and capacity to handle adversity.

Katros House – The Burnt House
Next we will pay a visit to The Burnt House, belonging to the Katros family during the time of the Second Temple. Inside you will find remnants of history dating back to the time of the Romans to the destruction of the Holy Temple including furniture and coinage.

Wohl Archaeological Museum – The Herodian Quarter
Wondering about Wohl? This mesmerizing archaeological museum showcases the preservation of six homes built during the period of Herod the Great, who is known for rebuilding the Second Temple. Inside you will find many artifacts and exhibits dating back to the families that inhabited these now-underground homes in the Jewish Quarter.

Western Wall Tunnels
Take your time walking through the Western Wall Tunnels. Enriched with thousands of years of history, these tunnels tell the story of the ancient Jews living during the period of the two temples. Look closely at the walls and imagine how these were constructed when building the enormous temple walls and marvel at the lost construction technologies and how they were used to create this vibrant masterpiece during ancient Jerusalem.

The Archeology Gardens and the Davidson Center
Next we will visit The Archeological Gardens and the Davidson Center. Here you can explore the rich and vibrant history of the temple mount, including a recent excavation of seventh century royal palaces, located by the Southern Wall.

Tower of David – the Citadel
When the sun sets we will re-enter the Old City again through Jaffa Gate and ascend the Tower of David Museum, a one-of-a-kind museum that allows visitors to travel back in time and walk through 4,000 years of Jerusalem’s beautiful history.  Amidst the archaeological remains in the Citadel’s courtyard and to the sound of original music, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through giant breathtaking, virtual reality images.

Overnight: Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 3 Thursday

The Masada Fortress
After breakfast we will travel through the Judean Desert to reach the Masada fortress.
Explore Masada’s ancient fortification remains, King Herod’s palace, the baths, cisterns, and barracks, and the modern Masada museum. Be inspired by the tales of human endurance, and enjoy spectacular views of the Judean Desert.

The Dead Sea
Enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic day at the Dead Sea, an oasis of warm, buoyant water and mineral-rich mud in the middle of the Judean Wilderness! Indulge at a five-star spa, read the paper while floating on the dense, salty water, and lather yourself with the nutrient-filled mud!

Ein Gedi National Park
On route back to Jerusalem we will stop in to visit the Ein Gedi National Park. A young future King David hid from King Saul amongst Ein Gedi’s rivers, canyons, and rich vegetation. Today, Ein Gedi serves as a modern refuge from city life and from the arid desert. Enjoy this beautiful oasis—hike the clearly marked trail, splash in the waterfalls, and keep your eyes peeled for exotic wildlife!

Overnight: Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 4 Friday

Yad Vashem
After breakfast take your time walking through Yad Vashem, the newly rebuilt Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, where you’ll encounter the world’s best Holocaust memorial exhibits. The museum will help re-instill in visitors the powerful message that Holocaust museums all over the world embody: Never forget.

Ammunition Hill
Memorialize the lives of those who fought and died at Ammunition Hill, the site of one of the bloodiest battles fought during the 1967 Six Day War.

Machne Yehuda “Shuk” (Market)
For a true Jerusalem experience, visit “the shuk”- the Jerusalem Market. This outdoor marketplace is abuzz with Jerusalem locals stocking up on produce, fresh meats and fish, and fragrant spices for Shabbat.

The Western Wall
Welcome Shabbat at the Holiest Place on Earth, the Western Wall followed by a Festive Community Shabbat Dinner at your hotel.

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 5 Shabbat

Enjoy Shabbat Lunch at your hotel and spend the day relaxing.
You may like to attend one of Jerusalem’s countless Synagogues, or enjoy a truly unique walking to one of any one of Jerusalem’s diverse neighborhoods! Bring a map—or don’t—and walk the streets of Meah Shearim, Nachlaot, the German Colony, or Yemin Moshe to see Jerusalem’s oldest and mostunique neighborhoods.

Ben Yehuda Street
After Shabbat you will enjoy an evening out on the town! Head to Ben Yehuda Street where you’ll find restaurants, shops, street vendors, street performers, and more!

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 6 Sunday

Beit Shean National Park
Travel north along the Jordan Valley to arrive in Beit Shean. Go back in time to the Roman and Byzantine eras when you visit Beit Shean National Park. Fight fierce gladiatorial battles at the excavated amphitheater, or relive biblical times as you stroll down a colonnaded street along the ruins of ancient buildings.

Kfar Kedem
A recreated ancient Galilean village, Kfar Kedem, you can be a shepherd, plow your fields and bring in the harvest to the village threshing floor. We will grind the flour and bake our own bread. Join a donkey caravan heading into the hills and end the day with a feast in the shepherd’s tent.

Holy Graves in Tiberias
Discover Tiberius’s Rabbinical history! Visit the burial sites of some of the most famous Rabbis in Judaism, including the Rambam, Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness.

Cruise on the sea of Galilee
Enjoy a relaxing boat ride along the Sea of Galilee. Learn all about the biblical and modern history that surrounds this important body of water, all while taking in the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds the Kinneret.

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Tiberias

Day 7 Monday

Take a step back in time when you visit the ancient city of Gamla. On a tour you will see remnants of an ancient Byzantine-period village, a fortified village destroyed during The Great Revolt against the Romans, as well as amazing flora and fauna and the largest waterfall in Israel.

Mt. Hermon
Take a visit to “the eyes of the state” when you go to Mount Hermon. In the winter, it is the perfect ski resort for avid skiers and snowboarders, and in the spring and summer, take advantage of the hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Take the ‘ski lift’ up Mt. Hermon for a brief hike and amazing views of Israel and a rare view into Syria!

Tel Facher
Don’t miss out on the history in store at Tel Facher and The Banias. An incredible archaeological site located at the foot of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights. The city was located within the region known for the Greek god Pan and is named after the deity associated with the grotto and shrines close to the spring called “Paneas”.

Kalat Nimrod
View from the distance Kalat Nimrod (Nimrod’s Fortress) The fortress was founded in the 12th century, probably by the Crusaders, to defend the city of Banias in the valley below against Muslim incursions.  There is a farmers market and activities for kids!

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Tiberias

Day 8 Tuesday

Yechi’am Fortress National Park
After breakfast take a trip to Yechi’am Fortress National Park! As an intact crusader fortress from the twelfth century, the area was proven to be useful during the War of Independence. At the park there are also other archaeological wonders that transport you back to the ancient days.

Tzfat (Safed)
One of Israel’s four holy cities awaits soul-seekers, nature enthusiasts, and historians to its cobblestone, art-line streets, majestic mountains, and Kabala-infused atmosphere.

Tzfat Artists Quarter
Browse (and buy!) some of Israel’s best religious art as you wander through the narrow, cobblestone streets of Tzfat’s Artists Quarter. You’ll see men and women deeply engaged in the creative, often religious, process of artistry; yet the friendly artists always have time to speak with tourists who pop into their workshops.

Ancient Synagogues
To best way to truly capture the holiness of Tzfat is to go on a tour of the city’s ancient synagogues and gravesites. Spend an afternoon getting to know the spiritual past and present of Tzfat at the beautiful Abuhav Synagogue, the Ari Sephardi, and others.

Mount Meron
Mount Meron has two major claims to fame: It’s the second highest mountain in Israel, offering excellent hiking opportunities and stunning views, and it’s the site of the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai- the author of the Holy Zohar, the foundational book of Kabbalah. For a unique, fun, and somewhat overwhelming experience, visit Meron on Lag B’Omer, where the famed gravesite receives hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Tiberias

Day 9 Wednesday

Rosh HaNikra
After breakfast we will visit the beautiful Rosh Hanikra Grottoes made from waves hitting the soft chalk rock. Ride from the mountain top down to sea level via cable car to explore the Grotto’s formed over thousands of years-truly a wonder of creation.

This large city is full of culture, history, religion, and of course, beauty that it takes more than one day to take it all in. There are national parks, archeological sites, museums, and a beautiful Mediterranean coastline.

Carmelit Ship Cruise
In Haifa we will board the the Carmelit ship at the Kishon fishing marina for a pleasure cruise around the harbour and bay of Haifa.

Haifa Cable Car
If you ever wanted to view Haifa and the surrounding area from a high vantage point, then take a ride on the Haifa Cable Car. It drops you off right at Mount Carmel’s ridge and you can observe the Haifa Harbor, the Mediterranean, and the surrounding land.

The Bahai Gardens
Step foot inside the Bahai Gardens and visit the “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” The magnificence of the garden will offer you feelings of tranquility and enchantment and is considered the most striking landmark in the city of Haifa.

Caesarea National Park
Travel back to the period of the Romans when you visit the Ancient City of Caesarea.
The Caesarea National Park contains an impressive Roman Ampitheatre, the Hippodrome, a horse-racing arena that could seat 20,000; also a giant headless statue on Byzantine Street & Mansion, and the Roman Aqueducts.

Overnight:Leonardo Plaza, Tel Aviv

Day 10 Thursday

Independence Hall
After breakfast be a part of the momentous day in Israel’s history and experience the emotional moment when Ben Gurion established of the State of Israel with the signing of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall. Hear his voice on the speaker and feel yourself being taken back in time to this historic event where a Jewish nation was declared.

Jaffa Flea Market
If you are looking for antiques, bargains, and second-hand treasures at great market prices, then visit the Jaffa Flea Market. There is a vibrant atmosphere, exotic aromas, and lots of noises as you try your luck bargaining with the sellers for that amazing vintage purchase!

Old Jaffa Port
Visit one of the most attractive places on Israel’s coast when you visit the Old Jaffa Port. Full of biblical and historical references, this port is a hub for artists, galleries, and individualistic shops where you can find just about anything your heart desires. There are also amazing restaurants and pedestrian walkways.

Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for the departure flight home where you will be met by a SHALOM ISRAEL TOURS representative will be waiting to assist you in your temporary departure from Israel.