Iconic Shots Every Photographer Takes in Israel

November 30th 2014

Israel is such a tiny country, there isn’t room for its name on most maps, and yet ,where else in the world offers so much inspiration, visual beauty and diversity? There are certain scenes in Israel that every visitor wants to capture. These are the images that will preserve the magic of Israel for you long after your trip is over!

View of Jerusalem's Old City

View of Jerusalem’s Old City

In Jerusalem

-Mounds of luscious, fresh produce and loose spices at Machne Yehuda (The Shuk)
-Touching or kissing the ancient stones of the Kotel
-Your family around the Israeli flagpole in the Kotel plaza
-The gates of the Old City
-A bride at the Kotel hours before her wedding, if you’re lucky enough to spot one
-The Hebrew Ahava sculpture at the Israel Museum
-Haredim on the streets of Me’ah Shearim
-Men examining the four species before making a purchase on the eve of Sukkot
-The winding alleyways of Nachlaot
-The panorama of Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade with the Golden Dome of the Rock in the middle

View to the Judean Desert & Dead Sea

View to the Judean Desert & Dead Sea

In the South and Judean Desert

-You, covered in black mud at the Dead Sea
-You, floating in the Dead Sea, reading a newspaper
-Sunrise on Masada
-The waterfalls in Ein Gedi
-The underwater coral from the Marine Park underwater observatory in Eilat
-Jumping for joy on the ridge of the crater at Mitzpe Ramon
-The view from Ben Gurion’s grave in Sde Boker, overlooking the Zin desert

Ancient Caesarea Ruins & Ampitheatre

Ancient Caesarea Ruins & Ampitheatre

In the North and Mediterranean Coast

-The Bahai Gardens on the Carmel Mountain in Haifa
-The grottos in Rosh HaNikra
-The Roman aqueducts in Caesaria
The Tel Aviv skyline
-The Agam fountain in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square
-Beautiful people on the beach in Tel Aviv
-The graves painted sky blue in the old cemetery in Tzfat
-The view of the Mediterranean from the port city of Jaffa
-The Hula Valley during bird migration season

Visiting brave IDF Soldiers defending Israel!

Visiting brave IDF Soldiers defending Israel!

All around Israel

-Israeli soldiers in uniform, especially when they’re off duty, eating fast food or riding a public bus
-Female soldiers with guns and mirrored sunglasses
-The sign announcing that this McDonald’s is Kosher
-Sunset over the Mediterranean
-The view from your hotel room
-You, eating falafel
-Old men playing backgammon on a rickety outdoor table
-Road signs in Hebrew, English and Arabic

The Western Wall - a Must See!

The Western Wall – a Must See!

Just because these photos have been captured over and over again by scores of tourists who preceded you doesn’t make them any less essential, personal or meaningful. The sites and sights of your Israel tour experience will stay with you for a lifetime, so go on and snap away!