Jerusalem’s Old City

September 14th 2010

Jerusalem’s Old City contains the Jewish Quarter, HaRova HaYehudi, as one of the four quarters making up the Old City. The Jewish Quarter is home to many synagogues and yeshivas, and is rich in history, dating back to the 8th century BCE. Though taken away from Jewish control in 1948, during the 1967 war, the Jewish Quarter was re-established within the bounds of the State of Israel. The most famous location within this quarter is the Western Wall. The Western Wall, which is also known as “the Wailing Wall,” is the only surviving remnant of the wall that was located around the Holy Temple. In front of the wall is a large plaza that allows visitors a view of the wall and direct access to it. Visitors can also visit the Wohl Archeological Museum which has exhibits from the period of the Second Temple. If visitors are interested in archeology, they should also visit the Davidson Center and take a tour of the Western Wall Tunnel.