Doing the Golan Heights Right

September 12th 2017

The Golan Heights is a huge area in northern Israel, and if you don’t plan your trip carefully, you’re likely to make one of two mistakes about this region. You’ll either miss out on several amazing attractions because the area is too big to focus on, or you’ll skip it altogether, which would be a real shame because it’s just so beautiful, fun, and rewarding. So, to save you the trouble of lamenting over either of these mishaps, here’s a rock solid Golan itinerary that you certainly won’t regret.

Golan Wind Turbines

Built in 1992, the wind farm is one of Israel’s most exciting accomplishments. The farm generates enough energy to power the Mei Eden factory, the Golan Heights Winery, and approximately 20,000 people, with enough left over to give back to the electric company! While you won’t make an entire day of it, these tremendous wind turbines are well-worth a glance while you’re in the area.

Hakol Yachol

If you’ve ever wondered at a pile of sand, then Hakol Yachol will absolutely blow your mind. This is an activity center entirely dedicated to the wondrous material that makes up our beaches. Learn the differences between the tiny granules, discover that you can create works of art with just a little guidance, and be amazed at all there is to do, learn, explore, and love about SAND!


If you love the great outdoors, the Golan Heights is the best place to be. A favorite area for hiking, nature walks, and camping, this part of Israel is particularly beautiful, filled with streams, rivers, waterfalls, mountain paths, and greenery everywhere as far as the eye can see. Some of the top outdoor attractions in the area include the Gamla Nature Reserve, Banias Waterfall, and Nahal El Al.

Avital Volcanic Park

Get ready for some explosive fun. Well, not literally, but the volcano park has simulations of real volcanic eruptions for you to view in amazement. Walk through the crater and discover how this part of the Golan Heights was formed through various volcanic activity, and marvel at the demonstrations. It’s even more exceptional at night.

Don’t forget the Susita ruins, the Golan Trail, and the fascinating Olea essence olive oil workshop. There’s so much to explore in the wonderful Golan Heights, so head north, and experience the beauty for yourself.