3 Things You Need to Know & Do in Israel This Winter

December 6th 2016

Touring Israel in the winter is entirely different from other wintertime destinations. While most tourists are heading to sunny locales for their much-needed vitamin D, tens of thousands of sightseers flock to Israel even during the coldest months to get something more out of their vacations.

If you’re visiting Israel this winter, here are some must-know travel tips along with top excursions you don’t want to miss!

winter-blues-4#1 It’s colder than you’d expect

Coming from out of Israel where temperatures are much lower, tourists are always shocked by the cold weather. Because of the way homes are built, getting a warm respite from the cold is a rare commodity, so be prepared and bundle up.

Of course, you can keep warmer by visiting indoor destinations and staying out of the cold. There are some beautiful art museums across Israel that will stimulate your mind and keep you out of the cold. There are also fascinating history museums like the Israel Museum, Biblical Natural History Museum, and the Palmach Museum, all guaranteed to take your mind off the chill and illuminate your mind at the same time.

winter-blues-5#2 People can dehydrate even in the winter

It’s no genius to keep a 2 liter bottle of water by your side during the scorching summer months, but most visitors don’t realize that the Israeli sun can suck you dry even on the coldest days. Drink plenty of water while you’re here in the winter.

 One of the best ways to do this is to visit an evolving trend in Israel: the tea shops! Visit some of these exclusive tea cafes for an experience that will leave you cultured and toasty warm at the same time.

#3  It doesn’t rain all the time, so…

A common misconception Israeli tourists have is that once winter hits, the weather is cold, wet, and dreary around the clock. But this isn’t England, folks, and we’ve got plenty of winter days that are filled with sun, life, and fun.

In fact, on sunny winter days, some of the greatest events take place, so don’t miss out! There are festivals like the International Dance Festival, Music Showcase, and Hamshushalayim which includes a whole month of fun.

There’s no end to the excitement happening around Israel all the time, so don’t let a little cold weather bring down your vacation. Check out some of these awesome activities, and make a holiday to remember!