Five Great Places to Bring Your Kids This Winter

November 25th 2015

Give your kids a vacation in Israel they’ll never forget with some of these kid-friendly winter activities!

#1: Donut DashChanukah Donuts

Not the most diet-friendly activity, but a donut-tasting contest will delight the little ones, making unforgettable memories. In Israel, you can’t go 100 meters without bumping into a bakery, and in November and December, those bakeries are brimming with donuts. Spread out your stint over a few days/weeks if sugar intake is a worry, but be sure to hit up some classic spots like Bermans and Roladin, along with fancy bakery boutiques you happen to pass during your travels.

#2: KiftzubaKef Tzuba Rides

Kiftzuba is an amusement park that’s jam-packed in the summer, but has loads of free space in the colder months. Kiftzuba has entire areas of their park dedicated to fabulous fun for kids of all ages. From an expansive dance floor to bumper cars and boats to a ball pit and plenty more, this is one place your kids can have fun all year round. Located just outside of Jerusalem, it’s an easy 30 minute drive from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv!

#3: Hamat Geder

Kids really feel the chill of winter. Give everyone a break from the cold with a day pass to Hamat Geder, a hot springs natural park in the Golan Heights. There you’ll find exotic wildlife, a luxurious spa and rejuvenating hot springs that have actual medicinal value. There’s also a small petting zoo and a restaurant.

#4: Bloomfield Science MuseumBloomfield Science Museum

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jeruslaem boasts award-winning exhibits and mind-blowing presentation yet, despite these phenomenal features, the thing that really draws crowds is the all-hands-on-deck orientation that allows kids to not only see science work, but feel, manipulate, touch and experience it firsthand. It’s every kid’s dream come true!

#5: Mount Hermon

Golan_Heights_Mount_Hermon_2 - Copy

There is something magical about a snow-capped mountain range, and the Hermon mountains are as majestic as you get. One of the few places in Israel that gets a respectable layer of snow, these mountains offer travelers opportunities for skiing, picnics or just strolling along the serene snow drifts.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Israel gets too cold or rainy in the winter. Most of the time, during the months of November through March, it’s cool, and pleasant, and even sunny! Come explore Israel – rain or shine!