What’s There to Do in Ramat Gan?

August 22nd 2017

While the name may not be instantly recognizable, Ramat Gan is a city near the bustling Tel Aviv, and one of the most popular places to visit while touring Israel. If you’re looking for some things to do in the area, here’s a list of the best attractions Ramat Gan has in store for you this vacation.


The Ramat Gan is one of the most exciting animal experiences in Israel. Not only is it the only safari you will find in the region, but it comes complete with a full-scale zoo and all the animals you could hope to see. Get up close and personal as you drive through (or are driven through if you don’t have your own car) dirt paths, fields, and hills covered with wild animals roaming about freely. Keep your food well hidden; the giraffes can get overly friendly if you’re not careful!

It’s an amazing experience to be able to get so close to some of G-d’s largest and most exotic creatures, and children ages 1-100 will really enjoy every minute of the trip.

Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum is a fascinating look at the gem deemed a girl’s best friend. Learn about the history, excitement, and modern industry of diamonds, and see some of the most beautiful of these rocks on display.

Oh, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out the IDE (the Israel Diamond Exchange) because the fact that close to 75% of all the diamonds in the world are cut right there speaks a lot to the quality and precision of this center.

Ramat Gan National Park

If you enjoy nature, you can’t go wrong with Ramat Gan’s National Park. Wide sprawling garden, spacious greenery, and some of the loveliest flowers you’ve ever set eyes on appear all around the park. You’ll also enjoy the tremendous topiary, lake with exciting fountains, and the pleasant walking trails throughout the area.

You can also hike through the Afeka Caves and explore the quaint Rocks Garden. Either way, you’ll never be bored when you stick to these itinerary toppers for a day of fun in Ramat Gan! And then head over to Tel Aviv for some amazing attractions you don’t want to miss!