Wearing Winter Well: Winter Wellness Checklist for the Wistful Traveler

January 25th 2017

Tired of hearing about the cold, rainy weather in Israel? If you want to spice up your mid-winter break with the time of your life in Israel, then check out our checklist for wistful travelers. Here are five activities you can do this winter in Israel to keep your vacation hopping!

3DayNegevDesertAndPetraTour15: Go for a day trip: Just because you’re stationed in Jerusalem (or Tel Aviv, or Herzliya) doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Israel is comfortably compact enough to make nearly any city a doable day trip, so get out there and see the country. From the holy hills of Tzfat to the sunny skies of Eilat, there’s something for everyone just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

bowls4: Do a soup tasting contest: Israelis are known for brewing some downright delicious soups, and the winter is the best time to put this claim to fame to the test. Restaurants vie for your attention with ever more exciting and interesting concoctions, so hop from one eatery to the next and enjoy them all. Visit Cafe Rimon (they have some of the best French onion soup in town – Luntz 4, Jerusalem), Village Green (mmm, cream of broccoli – 33 Jaffa, Jerusalem), or Falafel Gabai (25 Bograshov, Tel Aviv) for a taste of something fabulous. There’s even a place called HaMarakiya (The Soup Spot!) on Koresh St. in Jerusalem.

hot coco3: Sip some chocolatey goodness: Soups are great for a full meal, but if you just want to warm yourself up all the way from the inside out, you’ve got to indulge in some chocolatey goodness. Israel is also crushing it in the hot cocoa department with decadent extras like marshmallows, whip cream, and cubes of chocolate that will make you swoon. Try out Aroma, Greg’s, or Max Brenner for a special cocoa treat.

stay-active-social-media2: Stay active: The wet and dreary Israeli winter is a myth! In fact, most days of this time of year are quite sunny, albeit without the intense heat of the summer months. So now is definitely the perfect time to get out and be active around Israel. Join one of the many hikes across the country, take part in one of the thrilling marathons, or get active however you enjoy it. Whether it’s mountain climbing, cycling, or trying something new, Israel is the perfect terrain to experience the great outdoors.

spa 31: Make a spa day! Finally, the most luxurious activity you can do to add some zing to your mid-winter fling across the world is to hit the spas. Israel has some of the most indulgent spa resorts anywhere, so visit Ein Gedi, Carmel, the Galilee, and other terrific spa hot spots this trip.


There’s no excuse for having anything but the best vacation of your life this year when you follow these heart-warming suggestions for living it up in Israel in the winter.