Invigorating Late Fall Hikes Around Israel

October 23rd 2016

When the weather starts cooling off and the days are getting shorter, many tourists feel the itch for one last trek through the beautiful countryside of Israel. If you are in the mood for one final hike, then check out some of these invigorating trails that you can enjoy in the late October, early November weeks.


Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi is known for its crystal clear spring water and nature paths that expose hikers to some of the most astounding sights, sounds, and smells of Israel. The nice thing about Ein Gedi is that you can find a trail that’s perfect for you and your friends/family regardless of skill level and age.hike-2

Nachal Mashash

For a more challenging hike, check out Nachal Mashash. This trail winds its way around a cliff edge, and the hike includes features like metal ladders, ropes, and boulders. You’ll find this hike just north of Kibbutz Mitspei Shalem, and you’ll touch on exciting sights like Murba’at Cave, a Bar Kochva warrior hiding spot.

hike-3Be’eri Forest

If you are in the Negev, the Be’eri Forest is a fabulous location for all sorts of outdoor fun. Fall is the perfect time to visit this area since you’ll see some stunning floral displays in full bloom including the anemones, a famous bright red bloom of Israel. While hiking the area, you can entertain yourself with some of the exciting activities in the area including the Be’eri Badlands Nature Reserve, Sulfur mines, ANZAC memorial, Maon antiquities, and more.

hike-4Nahal Gishron

Heading south, you’ll find a little nicer weather and a lot of great trails to follow for exciting hiking material. The Eilat mountains are covered in moderate trails with some breathtaking scenes and unbeatable skies. Check out Nahal Gishron, the most southern trail, for an all-ages short hike that circles back to the beginning for your convenience.

Since Israeli summers have a sweltering desert climate, fall and winter hikes are a welcome and refreshing relief from the heat. Getting out in the crisp fall air can be just the thing you need to rejuvenate your spirits before you head back home. Check out any of these invigorating sites, and leave Israel feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!