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Outdoor Shopping Areas Not to Miss Around Jerusalem

October 20th 2016

Israeli winters have their own beauties and gems to bestow, but outdoor shopping isn’t one of them. No, most people, tourists and locals alike, prefer to keep indoors when the weather gets chilly and when the skies fill up with rain clouds. Fortunately, before the Sukkot holidays, you’ve still got a week or two until […]

Judean Hills: Hidden Treasures Right Under Your Nose

September 27th 2016

If you’ve been to Israel a few times already, you are probably looking for something out of the ordinary to fill your itinerary. Well, then it’s time to travel to lesser-known locales for some off-the-beaten-path fun. Check out some fun and entertaining activities that you can do in the Judean Hills (or Harei Yehudah in […]

Mamilla Hotel, Mamilla Mall, Mamilla Shopping Center

March 16th 2011

Mamilla Hotel, Mamilla Mall, Mamilla shopping center. If you lived in Israel 100 years ago, you would be shocked at the dramatic shift in architecture and prestige of this section of town. If you lived in Israel 5 years ago, you would be surprised the project ever got done. Israeli tour guides will have a […]