Mamilla Hotel, Mamilla Mall, Mamilla Shopping Center

March 16th 2011

Mamilla Hotel, Mamilla Mall, Mamilla shopping center. If you lived in Israel 100 years ago, you would be shocked at the dramatic shift in architecture and prestige of this section of town. If you lived in Israel 5 years ago, you would be surprised the project ever got done.

Israeli tour guides will have a lot to say about the Mamilla area. In the late 19the century, it was an open area with a few olive trees, and two roads- one to Jaffa, one to Hebron. With the turn of the century, it became a commercial and residential area for those who didn’t fit within the Old City Walls. In 1947, amidst war, it became a combat zone. By the time the 1970s rolled around and Israel held control of the area, Israel was determined to make the Mamilla area something to talk about.

And so, if you will it, it is no dream. It just might be very frustrating for a very long time. After years and years of multiple land ownerships, a 16 year controversy delaying a half erected construction site from reaching fruition , and numerous building plans that were stalled, protested, and reevaluated, the beautiful Mamilla residential and commercial area is up and running.
And you and your Israel group tour can be part of the fun!

The brilliant $150 million dollar pedestrian-only shopping center houses such haute couture sites such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bebe, Nautica, and the classic American “GAP”. Because traveling in Israel doesn’t mean that you should miss the latest American fashions.
If “location, location, location” is your motto, there’s no better place to crash in Israel than at the Mamilla Hotel. If you are celebrating an Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah, this is the perfect place to rest up before the big day. Overlooking the walls of the Old City, the Tower of David and the Jaffa Gate, this hotel is where it’s at. An award winning combination of Italian designer Piero Lissoni and Israeli architect Moshe Safdie, the unique duo focused on using light as means for creating stunning and comforting spaces.
But touring in Israel means going outside as well! So if you want to get a rich breathe of fresh air, journey up to Mamilla Hotel’s chic Rooftop lounge, which gives you a breathtaking 360 degree view.

You don’t have to be a Mamilla Hotel card carrying member in order to enjoy the Rooftop Lounge. The Lounge is open to all, and is commonly filled with all sorts of interesting Israeli and foreign characters from around the city, looking to have a sophisticated and enlightening time.

Traveling in Israel means you get a lot of exercise hiking around famous sites, and you will also need some essential time to unwind. With classy music, a panoramic view, and scrumptious food, the Rooftop Lounge screams ‘Unwind here!!” And there is no need for guilt- this Rooftop Lounge is interested in serving you healthy, simple dishes with all natural ingredients, grilled to perfection.