Spotlight on Culture: Jerusalem Arts Festival

March 18th 2017

The Jerusalem Arts Festival is an annual event which invites talented artists from all over the world to perform their specialty for a crowd of eager participants. This year, the festival falls out on March 28th-April 4th, and you can see the full schedule of events right here. If you’re visiting Jerusalem this March, you’re in for a real treat.

Children’s Events

There are two children’s performances on both the 29th of March and the 3rd of April. Each day, you can visit either the Mikro (at 17:00) or the Jerusalem Theatre Lobby (at 18:15) for an entertaining event that your kids will enjoy. Stories such as Shira’s New House, Good Children, and Flute and Piano go on a Trip, come to life in song and dance across the open stage. Costs range between free and 25nis depending on the performance.

Free Performances

Not in the mood for shelling out cash? Here are some freebies you can enjoy too:

Divano Swing: On March 28th get your dance shoes on for the fabulous rhythm of a gypsy swing ensemble that will blow you away.

Moti and Shmulik: On March 29th you can experience this tribute to Israeli rock and roll.

HaDvorim: March 30th will kick of this unique tribute to Shlomo Artzi, a big name in Hebrew rock.

Kleiman Band: April 2nd has the fun continuing with a hopping and popping jazz orchestra that’ll keep your hands and toes clapping and tapping all night long.

Dance & Music

There’s a large variety of musical and dance performances throughout the festival days. From a compilation of Broadway, opera, Israeli music, and cantillation (aptly titled Rainbow of Music), to the sweet sounds of Jerusalem-grown rock stars Musara, visit locations throughout the city to catch these exciting events.

Dance is equally represented at this event, hosting new talents as well as seasoned dance studios performing their greatest out in the open space.


Hop between the Beit Mazya theater, Hkarnaf, and the Beit Confederation Center to see some outstanding theatrical talents in performances such as A Ministre for Sale, Paper Twists, and Mark of Cain. You won’t believe your eyes.

There is something for everyone is this eclectic celebration of art and culture, so come and revel in the festivities today.